Sustainability is not the main driving force behind the increased uptake of timber frame construction in the UK, although perhaps it should be. The focus in construction sustainability at present is on the impact of the building when it is in use. With its energy-efficient credentials, timber frame has a strong advantage in this respect, but where it also scores, and with considerably more positive impact, is the reduced carbon footprint and materials sustainability of the build itself when timber frame is used. With the potential growing awareness of sustainability in building regulations, this is likely to add weight to the timber frame argument.

Most Expensive Cities for Construction in 2019 Revealed

london construction city The European cities of Copenhagen and Geneva complete the top five of the International Construction Cost Comparison. The ten least expensive cities for construction are mostly situated in Asia.

Andrew Beard, global head cost and commercial management at Arcadis, said: “In 2019 and beyond, smart investment in three key areas is crucial for the future success of construction companies and the sector in general.

“Firstly, innovation and digitisation present an opportunity for construction companies to increase efficiency, lower costs and increased productivity while improving the end product. Secondly, a strong focus on end-user benefits is necessary. Buildings will increasingly need to be part of the urban mobility ecosystem in order to create value in the long term.

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Incredible time-lapse footage shows the construction of Beijing’s new £9 billion seven-runway hub over three and a half years

beijing development This fascinating time-lapse video made with hundreds of satellite images shows China’s new £9 billion mega airport taking shape over a period of three and a half years on the outskirts of its capital city.

Beijing Daxing International Airport, whose terminal building is designed by late British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, is in its last stage of construction.

It will become one of the world’s busiest and largest hubs when it opens late this year.

With a total of seven runways in plan, the airport occupies a piece of land four-fifth the size of Manhattan and is expected to handle 100 million passenger a year in the long run.

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Construction Work Begins on Academy Street Development

construction on academy streetThe vacant site at 79 Academy Street – once home to Farmfoods – is in the midst of a £5million transformation to create multiple eye-catching affordable homes in the centre of town.

The development, named Wyvern House, will comprise 37 one and two bedroom properties, alongside four small commercial units located on the ground floor.

Contractors Morrison Construction first began ground works in November, with completion expected by summer 2020.

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