There are many different types of oak trusses and each type will have variations that have developed over time and geographical location although still be
based on the same structural principles.

Here are the trusses that we at English Heritage Buildings can supply.

King Post Truss
The king post needs to be securely fixed
to the tie beam as it is in tension and this
is usually done with a strap or a bolt inserted from underneath. Purlins would
be used on large spans.


Hammer Beam Roof
Triangulation ensures the stability
of the hammer beam frame with the hammer beams corbelled over curved braces and supporting the hammer posts.


Queen Post Truss
Similar to a king post truss except it has
2 upright posts and can be used on larger spans. Purlins would be used on large spans.


Arched Brace Collar Truss
A popular truss but because of the significant tensile forces the braces need to be secured with stainless pins or bolts. Purlins would be used on large spans.


Sling Brace Truss
Used to get a two storey building with low eaves and usually combined with dormer windows.


Crown Post Roof
The crown post sits on a substantial tie beam and this configuration eliminates most of the outward thrust of the roof.


Feature Truss
This truss has no structural value and
is used a feature only.