Durable and Versatile Timber Horse Stables

If you are a horse owner and you would like to offer your animals the perfect haven to rest and take shelter in, English Heritage Buildings can provide the beautiful, durable, and multi-purpose horse stables you need. We will work closely with you from the moment you get in touch to design, manufacture, and install a stable that meets all of your specifications, and that keeps your horse as happy and as safe as they can be.



Bespoke Equestrian Buildings to Suit Your Needs

As part of our award-winning service, we are proud to offer our customers both ready-made and bespoke designs for their perfect horse stables in the UK. This means that whether or not you already have plans to transform your outside space for the comfort and convenience of your beloved animals, we will be able to help.

We’re specialists at making plans of many different stable designs a reality, so you can rest assured that our experienced team will do everything possible to put together the newest part of your property to your exact specifications.

We are even able to accommodate plans for large, multicomplex designs if you need room for more than one horse and also want space to spare for a tack room, home office, or workshop. No matter what you intend to use the rooms for once they have been built, we can ensure they are crafted and installed to offer you the finest space available for work and leisure time.

Our carpenters and builders are all dedicated to providing customers with the buildings and structures that they have always wanted, and that best suit the space they have available. This includes ensuring that the work carried out blends in seamlessly with the rest of the property so that any new build will appear as a charming, classically-designed extension of the rest of the existing complex.


Our Wooden Stable Designs

We aim to offer horse and pony owners the exceptional new living spaces they need for all of their animals, and any room for work or storage that they could need alongside them. Below, we have provided some ready-made examples and suggestions of stable designs that our builders have worked on before.

If one of these designs feels ideal for you and your animals, we will be happy to build it again for you.

Our Prices for Bespoke and Ready-Made Horse Stables

For most of the top quality timber buildings and structures we provide, prices will fall somewhere between £5,000 and £30,000. However, to learn the exact cost of your ready-made or bespoke stable design, you will need to speak to our team about the size and the complexity of the build you would like completed. Every stable block or building we manufacture will be produced to the individual specifications of the purchaser, and as such each will also come with its own price tag.

We will always be glad to help you to work out prices when you come to us looking for the finest new home for your horse or pony. Whether you are only looking for a small wooden stable building with an attached tack room or home office, or even if you need a block to complete a full livery yard, our staff will be ready and waiting to offer you a quote as soon as we know what you need to order.

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Why Choose Us?

Below, we have listed a few of the reasons our customers have made us their first choice for timber stable buildings across the UK:

  • Our builds are Q-Mark certified, meaning that any ready-made or bespoke timber stable you buy will have been manufactured to industry standard
  • All of our techniques and processes are overseen by BM TRADA, one of the most respected certification panels in the country
  • All of our products are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, taken from a specially designated site in France
  • The trees used in our manufacturing process are cultivated to be tall, straight, and strong. This minimises waste, saves on land space, and ensures we can keep our prices competitive for customers
  • All timber brought in to be used in our work is expertly graded and checked over before any manufacturing begins. This ensures that only flawlessly strong pieces of timber are used in our frames

Build a Haven for Your Horses and Ponies

For the ideal solution to housing your horses and ponies in complete comfort and an aesthetically-pleasing wooden framed style, contact English Heritage Buildings today.

Our team will be ready and waiting to design and manufacture your dream space for all your animals, in the exact specifications you have provided for us. Within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off, our builders will even be fully prepared to provide a specialist delivery and installation service. This ensures the structure is complete to the standards you need and your horses deserve.

Speak with us on the phone or send us an email and start planning your ideal stable block or building with the help of our team. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have before you decide to place an order.


Benefits of Choosing EHBP


Why Choose Us?

With nearly four decades working with green oak, we are at the forefront of our industry and are proud of the work we’ve done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Q-Mark Certified

We are the UK’s only oak framed building company to carry an EXOVA BM Trada Q-Mark, which means that with us you get a standard that you cannot get elsewhere. 

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Business Award Winners

We are the recent winners of the South East Best Rural Manufacturing Business Award.

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