• What are the black marks on an oak frame and how can customers remove them as part of the aftercare?

Due to the natural moisture content of Green Oak, customers may notice natural tannins (black marks) on their oak. These marks will naturally disappear with time. However, if customers wish to remove them straight away they can use a product called oxalic acid. English Heritage Buildings recommends using Rubio Monocoat’s Tannin Remover.

This is a ready-to-use product that removes the black stains and spots on wood caused by a reaction to acid and water. Customers can purchase Tannin Remover from RUBIO MONOCOAT HERE.

  • What aftercare and ongoing maintenance will the oak frame require?

The only ongoing maintenance normally required for an oak frame is re-protection and decoration of any joinery and any softwood weatherboard. The oak frame timbers and any oak cladding should not require any ongoing maintenance. Customers will be provided with an aftercare sheet giving full instructions and advice for taking care of the oak frame.

  • How often will the weatherboarding require protecting?

Depending on exposure to the elements, customers can expect to protect their weatherboard every 5 to 8 years.

  • Are the frames protected under guarantee?

A 10-year building guarantee for the timber frame structure is issued on completion of English Heritage Buildings’ works and payment of the final contract balance.

The glazing carries a 5-year guarantee. These guarantees are automatically transferred to any new owners for the remainder of the guarantee period should customers decide to sell their building.

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