The English Heritage Buildings Quote Guarantee

ehb Quote Guarantee

What’s included in my quote?

We guarantee that when we quote for a building we can manufacture it for that price. There will never be any extras after the structural engineer has run his calculations as we have already calculated the increase in timber sizes for the spans width and pitch of the roof. We have also included for increase wind loading, where necessary. We understand that this sounds logical, but this is not how the rest of the Oak Frames industry works.

We are the only oak frame manufacturer to offer a BM Trada Q-mark or equivalent, the Q-mark covers not only process but quality, we are audited to make sure we maintain all the 22 recognised standards that are related to oak framing and covered in our control document.

The main frame and roof will come completely manufactured, marked up to correspond with fitting instructions/drawings and with all drillings and processes completed.

On site the independent posts will need to be cut to suit conditions and the weatherboard and studwork will need to be cut to length.

Our Quote Includes:


  • 2D CAD suitable for a planning application if required
  • 2D CAD production drawing suitable for setting out your frame onsite
  • 3D CAD model
  • All supporting TRADA technical details 
  • Generic details if required groundwork, 
  • Roofing, installation connections


  • Planning feasibility report 
  • Structural calculations
  • Design/technical advice
  • Full assembly instructions 


  • The principal frame is always 100% oak
  • Posts
  • Soleplates
  • Braces
  • Eaves beams
  • Tie beams
  • Floor beams


  • Rafters (all rafters are pre-drilled for fixings)
  • Studwork

Weatherboard options

  • Softwood
  • Oak
  • Larch
  • Fireproofing where required


  • Staddle stones for independent posts where required


  • Oak Pegs
  • Stainless steel pins (for tie beams, soleplates and braces where required)
  • Stainless steel nails (for rafters, studwork, weatherboard)
  • DPC
  • Joist hangers & herringbone struts for floor joists
  • Compriband for joinery
  • Rubber gaskets for joinery

Our quality control process: 

We are extremely proud of our industry-leading quality control process.

  • 3-point oak quality checks. First when it arrives at our yard, Second when the oak is racked ready to go to the machine, Third when it comes off the machine before packing.
  • Fully documented/managed manufacturing process 
  • BM TRADA certificated process, design, manufacturing and fitting instructions
  • Annual BM TRADA audit’s
  • Timber Graders re certified annually 

See our Oak Quality Requirements.

For more information on our Quote Guarantee please contact us at or call us on 01424 315 082.

View our BM TRADA Certificates below