How does English Heritage Buildings ensure its buildings are manufactured to the BM TRADA Q-Mark standard?

We have a clearly documented quality control system throughout our manufacturing process which again has been verified and audited by BM TRADA under the Q-Mark scheme to ensure a consistently high standard of product. Our operators are fully trained in all aspects of their work and we have a documented system for regular calibration of all production machinery ensuring precision and high quality for every frame that we produce.

Does it take longer to produce a building because of all these procedures?

No, it actually helps the process to run smoother with a defined set of procedures and delivery still remains within 6-8 weeks from agreed design for the majority of projects.

As timber is a natural product how does English Heritage Buildings ensure this standard?

We have a fully documented timber quality specification which covers our expectations of timber quality to ensure that it will meet all structural requirements as well as taking into account our aesthetic requirements. We have 5 quality control stages which include timber grading and selection which is carried out by one of our in-house BM TRADA-qualified Visual Strength Graders.

What elements are covered by the BM TRADA Q-Mark?

Under the scope of the certification, the English Heritage Buildings green oak building system is formally approved by BM TRADA for residential, public and commercial use. This covers all elements of the oak frame as well as the studwork, external cladding, wall insulation, wall boards, flooring and ceiling construction.

Why did English Heritage Buildings apply for an BM TRADA Q-Mark?

We applied for a BM TRADA Q-Mark so that we can demonstrate our commitment to customers to achieve a high quality on a consistent basis in everything we do. The BM TRADA Q-Mark is the only quality scheme that enabled us to confirm this from industry specific experts and goes beyond ISO9001 in that it not only applies to the company procedures and quality systems, but also the design, specification of materials, manufacture and assembly of our buildings as well. No other quality mark could give us this all-embracing mark of approval.

Are BM TRADA recognised by Building Regulations?

Yes, they are recognised by all the UK authorities for advice and input into specifying Building Regulations and are called upon as the UK’s timber experts with extensive international experience.

What is the BM TRADA Q-Mark?

The BM TRADA Q-Mark is a quality assurance scheme which confirms that we are designing, manufacturing and erecting our buildings to an agreed standard. As well as confirming that we only use quality materials which perform to a high standard, the scheme provides unambiguous evidence of compliance with the relevant standards and also the requirements of UK Building Regulations. To achieve BM TRADA certification, we have to ensure that our processes and procedures for designing, manufacturing and erecting are clearly documented and appropriate to achieve the high standards that we have defined and that they are fully auditable by BM TRADA each year.

Who are TRADA and how does English Heritage Buildings work with them outside of certification?

TRADA stands for Timber Research And Development Association and is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products and its name is synonymous with independence and authority in this field.

Who are BM TRADA?

BM TRADA is a dedicated certification body. As an independent, accredited certification body it provides UKAS accredited certification to all the major management systems standards as well as chain of custody and sustainable supply chain, product and service certification and CE marking. It also offers a range of highly regarded technical timber services and comprehensive training programmes.

With an English Heritage Building the BM TRADA Q-Mark is just the beginning.

  1. Free no obligation site visits
  2. Free initial design proposals
  3. Planning advice
  4. Show sites across the UK open 7 days a week
  5. Competitively priced buildings
  6. TRADA assured assembly service
  7. Deposit protection insurance
  8. In-house customer service and technical support teams
  9. 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Are there any other advantages to having the BM TRADA Q-Mark?

Peace of mind that before you receive one of our buildings, English Heritage Buildings has undergone rigorous processes and quality checks to create a high quality product on a consistent basis.

What can BM TRADA Q-Mark mean to the customer?

Reassurance that you are buying an oak frame that is recognised by industry experts as a top quality product – designed, manufactured and assembled using consistent tried, tested and approved techniques. Partnership with BM TRADA, and TRADA independently, means assurance in the quality of the product by the industry experts, renowned for their experience and specialist knowledge of timber framed buildings.

How does English Heritage Buildings maintain these standards?

English Heritage Buildings has a commitment to innovation and the highest quality of design. We continue to develop our internal processes maintaining our compliance to the BM TRADA Q-Mark and also self-auditing on an on-going basis including site inspections on our projects. BM TRADA also carries out an audit at least once every year to ensure on-going compliance with the Q-Mark and any changes in methods or specifications must be approved by them as part of the process.

How do you know the building is erected to the right standard?

Our fitting teams are not only highly experienced in assembling our buildings, they are also trained in compliance to the BM TRADA Q-Mark procedures. Each fitting team has a Fitters Manual, which has been verified and audited by BM TRADA under the Q-Mark scheme, and a full set of CAD and production drawings which specify the design and construction of the building being assembled in accordance with our agreed standards.

What quality control levels do English Heritage Buildings work to?

Our 5 quality control stages are fully documented and auditable as follows:

  1. At point of delivery all timbers are checked against cutting lists to ensure they are correct in size and quantity and an initial visual quality check is carried out.
  2. When the frame is going into production each timber is individually checked for structural suitability and visual impact by our in-house BM TRADA-qualified graders during our racking process.
  3. When the frame is being routed through production each timber is once again visually checked after planing to ensure suitability.
  4. Prior to each job being machined, machines are put through a comprehensive calibration test. The calibration of the machine is monitored throughout production by performing measurement tests for accuracy on components on average every 30 minutes.
  5. Finally, once buildings are made and packed all jobs are checked off against cutting list to ensure quality standard is appropriate and to ensure that all components needed to assemble the building are supplied.

How does English Heritage Buildings ensure designs meet the BM TRADA Q-Mark standards?

When we quote for a building our quotation programme is designed to consider the structural requirements of that exact frame (meaning no unexpected surprises on pricing later on!). Our design team will then draw up your building using the specifications and details that have been verified and audited by BM TRADA under the Q-mark scheme and we then obtain indemnity insurance-backed verification of timber section sizes via the services of independent specialist structural engineers taking account of building location, elevation above sea level, orientation to the prevailing wind (for uplift regulations) and if there are local anomalies that need to be considered (such as excessive wind loadings).


View our TRADA Certificate here.