Modern Garden Rooms to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

At EHB, we are dedicated to providing customers with bespoke modern garden rooms at affordable prices; offering a price match guarantee to ensure we are never beaten.


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Modern Garden Rooms

Modern garden rooms are swiftly becoming one of the most popular home additions for several reasons. Their versatility is an attractive prospect in the current global climate with regards to working from home and taking part in more in-house-based activities.

However, contemporary garden rooms were popular before COVID-19, with customers opting to use them for home gyms, creative studios or even an adaptable open space to host parties and partake in outside dining.

All modern garden rooms are designed by our team who have over 35 years’ experience in the oak construction industry and each build is Q-Mark certified and has the option to be designed to allow double glazed windows.

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With over 50 unique designs to choose from, our team provides the most comprehensive list of modern garden rooms and buildings in the UK. Or, go bespoke and transform elements of one of our existing designs to suit your garden room requirements. Anything is possible thanks to our team of experienced and desiccated builders.

Choose a foundation from our wide range of buildings to adapt, submit your own design or start from scratch, and our team will get back to you with a quote and further information on your enquiry.

The Advantages of Modern Garden Rooms

You may already know what your garden room extension is going to be used for, but what you may not know is that we can design extensions to suit a variety of needs. For example, you may want to use your extension as a part-time office to work through COVID-19, but when your are able to return to work, it can also be used as any of the following:

  • Adaptable designs – this advantage is unique to EHB as each contemporary garden room is designed bespoke to the customer’s design requirements. This means we can create garden rooms to suit any need, whether you’re looking for a home gym, an open office, a winter getaway cabin or a beautiful summer house to entertain guests.
    You can also choose to add a variety of unique features, such as bifold doors and double-glazing to enhance the appearance of your garden room and keep it properly insulated. With EHB, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Adds curb appeal and value to your home – garden rooms, whether they’re a direct extension to your living space or are located further into your garden, can add considerable value to your property. In some cases, modern garden rooms offer up to 7% extra value to your property.
  • Extra room and privacy – there are several reasons for people to buy into modern garden homes, but one of the core benefits shared among buyers is the extra space and privacy. Whether you’re building a private office for working through COVID, or a summer garden space to entertain guests, modern garden rooms are ideal for customers seeking privacy and extra space away from their home.
  • Cost-effective – contemporary garden rooms designed by that right people with the right experience can cost considerably less than doing it by yourself or hiring a company with less experience. It’s also worth bearing in mind the type of material you’re looking to build with, for example, building with timber is typically cheaper than materials such as cement, brick and concrete.
  • Fast installation – even large scale contemporary garden rooms only take around 6 – 8 weeks to be built (if they are bespoke) and delivered, and installation can take as little as a week depending on the size and scale of your design.

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Do you need planning permission for a modern garden room?

In most cases, you will not need planning permission for your garden room so long as it adheres to some basic dimension regulations. At EHB, we can help you gain planning permission on certain projects, simply give our team a call to discuss what we can do to get your modern garden room project underway.

What is a contemporary garden room?

Simply put, a garden room is a large detached or semi-detached extension of your property. They can be used for almost anything, from private home offices and creative studios to home gyms and a place for entertaining guests. You also have the option to incorporate your own doors, windows and stylings.

How much does it cost for a modern garden room?

Modern garden rooms can range from anywhere between £6,000 for small, compact builds to £30,000 for larger complexes with custom doors, windows and roofing options.

Can you sleep in a modern garden room?

If you’re looking to sleep in a garden room, it must comply with building regulations. This is to ensure that your garden room or building is safe to sleep in. The same rules apply if you were looking to convert a garage or extension into an annexe. We can provide more information on this topic if you call or contact us with your query.

Why Choose Us?

With nearly four decades working with green oak, we are at the forefront of our industry and are proud of the work we’ve done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Q-Mark Certified

We are the UK’s only oak framed building company to carry an EXOVA BM Trada Q-Mark, which means that with us you get a standard that you cannot get elsewhere. 

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We are the recent winners of the South East Best Rural Manufacturing Business Award.

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