toolsTalk of a united, collaborative construction industry is fine, but how do we get the message out to all those working in it? There may be a price to pay to achieve the goal of whole-sector improvement.

It is a myth that there is no innovation or development in the construction industry. But it is true that improvement in construction productivity in the last 10 years has fallen well short of other industries. At the same time, we know that productivity on the best construction projects is 30% higher than the average – so why aren’t we all madly copying each other and implementing best practice?

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2018: The Year Wood Construction Took Some Steps Forward and Back

WoodSome dramatic changes this year will have a big impact on the future of wood construction.

Last year at this time, I called 2017: The year wood construction grew like a weed. This year, I am a bit more circumspect; there were lots of steps forward, with really interesting new wood projects built, but there were also a few significant steps back. There were also what I will call steps sideways, where I am not absolutely convinced that they are steps in the right direction.

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How to build a skyscraper out of wood

Building skyscrapers out of wood: It sounds bizarre, unsafe, maybe even a bit twee. But it could actually be the future of construction.

“Each material has its different pros and cons, and there’s no reason that timber shouldn’t be part of that larger discussion,” Todd Snapp, an architect with the global firm Perkins + Will, told The Week. “I can’t say it’s better than steel or concrete. I can say it should be just as relevant in the discussion of what material to use.”

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