A quick Q&A with EHB’s Managing Director Darren Hook details the initial steps of their current building project: a low carbon sustainable oak framed house.

oak framed house

Q. What was your inspiration behind the build?

“To use an oak frame building as a contemporary and low-carbon home. This is a Research and Development project for the company, to benefit future customers. As part of this innovation we are continuously evolving and improving the design of the build as we go”.

Q. What purpose will the project serve?

“A low-carbon home and a fine example of the quality that building with green oak brings”.

Q. Are there any notable features? (build style, materials, speed of construction etc?)

“The project is still in its early stages, but there will be some notable features included as we continue building!”

Q. What type of wood has been used in the building process?

“So far the timbers that have been used are:

  • For the frame – French oak – all our oak comes from France as it’s far superior to British oak
  • For the roofing & studs – CLS (Canadian Lumber Structure)
  • For the joists – material made from a combination of plywood and metal
  • For the cladding – Douglas Fir

Q. How long did/will the project take to complete?

“As oak frames are off-site manufacturing (made in our factory in East Sussex) it means the actual onsite build is quick.

1st fix (to achieve a weathered frame) then three days to erect the frame skeleton and a further 15 days to fit sipps panels, weatherboarding, windows and doors. Once this is complete, the roof will be fitted, which will take 2-3 weeks

Then 2nd fix – plumbing, electrics, insulation etc – but we are not sure how long this will take yet”.

Q. Are you hoping for it be featured or promoted anywhere?

“Absolutely! We’re incredibly proud of the progress made so far and as the project continues, we will have more progress shots and a time-lapse video capturing the entire build process”.