two bay wooden garage made of oak with a super car

Easy-Install Wooden Garages and Support to Streamline Projects

You understand the importance of delivering wooden garages on time and within budget, while never compromising on the standards of quality. Effective project management is crucial for delivering all of this to your clients. With our precision-crafted wooden garage frames supplied quickly to you for an easy installation and our team supporting you through every step, you’ll be ensuring your project is completed by its deadline and at the budget agreed, resulting in a garage your client will be proud to own.

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Our Expert Support with Wooden Garages

We stand out for our expertise and our ability to assist you with managing your wooden garage projects. With years of experience in the industry, our team has honed their skills in managing complex construction projects, ensuring efficiency and quality at every step of the process. 

From planning to the final stages of delivery and helping you through any questions during the installation process, our team is committed to assisting every step of the way. With our hands-on approach and attention to detail, we ensure that the entire project is kept smooth, efficient, and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional results to your clients.

oak framed garage

Designing Wooden Garages for Easy Project Management

All our garage designs are meticulously crafted with ease of assembly in mind, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free installation process. All products are engineered to be easily assembled on-site, with pre-cut components manufactured through the use of traditional jointing techniques. This allows each frame to slot neatly together during the building work, quickly and efficiently. Detailed assembly instructions are also provided.

This streamlined approach not only saves time but also minimises disruptions to ongoing projects, allowing you to maintain productivity and meet project deadlines without delays.

Machinery Meant for Efficiency

The 4-sided planer is integral to our manufacturing process, meticulously cutting timber to exact dimensions. After undergoing thorough inspection by our timber graders, the timber is processed to ensure optimal wood quality. Subsequently, the timber undergoes another round of examination before being fed into the Hundegger K2i.

By eliminating human error, our materials maintain their highest quality, and any flawed pieces are identified and excluded from further processing, guaranteeing consistent and impeccable results with every production cycle. This level of precision and quality assurance not only enhances the final product but also streamlines project management for our customers, ensuring smooth and efficient project execution from start to finish.

oak frame garage with car in driveway

How the Manufacturing Process Works

The root of effective and dependable project management begins with an efficient ordering and delivery process. By ensuring a seamless flow from order placement to the final delivery of your wooden garage, we set the foundation for project success.

  • You initiate the process by reaching out to us to discuss the details of your client’s wooden garage project, including their design preferences and budget considerations.
  • Once the design is agreed upon, a deposit is paid to secure the project, and our team proceeds to finalise the drawings, ensuring that every detail aligns with your client’s specifications and requirements.
  • The oak timber used for the frames undergoes careful grading at every stage of the process to ensure top-notch quality and durability, providing peace of mind for both you and your clients.
  • Skilled craftsmen meticulously cut and craft the timber frames with precision and care, adhering to our high standards for quality and reliability, which minimises the risk of errors and delays.
  • Before shipping, the completed frames undergo thorough quality assurance checks to ensure that they meet our rigorous performance standards, guaranteeing a flawless end product for your clients.
  • Once the work is signed off for completion, the frames are securely packed and sent for delivery anywhere in the UK, ensuring prompt and reliable service to meet your project deadlines effectively.

Delivering Your Wooden Garages

We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to managing your projects, which is why we offer two convenient delivery options tailored to your preferences and schedule.

UK-Wide Delivery: Our fast and reliable shipping services extend nationwide, ensuring prompt delivery to customers across the country. With our efficient logistics network, you can rely on timely product arrival, enabling you to meet project deadlines with ease. We strive to complete projects a week ahead of scheduled delivery dates, providing added peace of mind and allowing for smoother project planning and execution.

Customer Site Collection: For those who prefer, we also offer the option for customers to collect their orders directly from our workshop. Simply coordinate a suitable date and time, and our team will have your order prepared for pickup. This option offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to keep control of your project timeline and ensuring seamless integration with your project schedule.

3 bay oak garage

Offering Multiple and Repeat Orders

We take pride in offering convenient ordering options tailored to your needs.

Multiple Orders for Various Projects: We provide the convenience of placing multiple orders for different projects, allowing you to streamline your procurement process and manage multiple jobs with ease. Whether you need frames for garages, versatile multi-roomed complexes, or other bespoke structures, we’ve got you covered.

Reliable Repeat Service: By choosing us as your supplier for timber frames, you gain access to a reliable repeat service that ensures consistent access to high-quality products tailored to your specifications. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction means you can trust us to deliver reliable service every time, eliminating the need to search for alternative suppliers and simplifying your supply chain management.

Professional Planning Permission Assistance

English Heritage Buildings offers planning permission assistance to help streamline project timelines. Our team provides expert guidance and support throughout the planning application process, ensuring that all necessary documents are prepared and submitted efficiently. 

By leveraging our knowledge and experience in navigating planning regulations, we help expedite the approval process, allowing you to proceed with your project without unnecessary delays. With our assistance, you can save time and resources while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Find out more about how we can help ensure any planning permission required is granted by exploring our Planning Permission Guide or by getting in touch.

oak frame garage
oak frame garage

Book a Workshop Visit

Learn more about the craftsmanship and precision behind our wooden garages by scheduling a visit to our workshop. Gain exclusive access to our state-of-the-art facilities and witness firsthand the meticulous attention to detail that defines our work. Explore our cutting-edge machinery and observe our skilled craftsmen as they employ traditional jointing techniques and work with top-quality materials.

During your visit, our team will be available to address any inquiries and provide valuable insights into our manufacturing process. To ensure a personalised experience, please contact us online or via phone to schedule your visit in advance. 

Our Range of Bespoke Wooden Garages

Architectural planning drawings

Make All Wooden Garage Projects Efficient

Make every wooden garage project simple and straightforward. Get in touch with English Heritage Buildings and order easy-to-install, high-quality products from the finest materials available. Our team will be ready to assist you with every step, from obtaining a comprehensive quote that covers all elements of the product to last-minute questions that need answering during the building process.

Don’t let project management challenges hold you back. Partner with us for streamlined processes and successful outcomes. Contact us now to get started.