The home of Richard and Jo

Richard & Jo’s Garden Room – A historic home with a modern twist

Letting Agent, Richard decided that the best way to invest his inheritance was to upgrade in his house. He wanted to add an extension onto his home that would give him the extra room he had always desired while keeping the original style of his 1920s property. Richard purchased a garden room extension from English Heritage Buildings which provided him with the additional space he needed to entertain guests all year round.

On why he and his wife, Jo, chose an oak-framed extension, Richard comments: “Predominantly, we chose an oak-framed extension because of the quality and longevity of the wood. We knew that we would not have to worry about having to replace or upgrade the extension a few years down the line as we know oak is a durable material. Not only this, but oak has the ability to retain a constant temperature and so it has meant we can use the room all year round.”

Two years after the completion of his extension, Richard has fully realised the potential of his extension: “We use the garden room all year round. It has been great to be able to have the family over for Christmas and friends visit during barbeque season. We have gained somewhere for entertaining which we have wanted for a long time and it also means we can enjoy our garden all year round.”

On why he and Jo chose to improve rather than move, Richard comments: “The costs incurred with moving – for example Stamp Duty – now make it very expensive to move home. If you like the area you live in, adding an extension is a great way to create more living space without having to incur the costs of moving.”

He continues: “I definitely wanted to stay within my current property as it was given to me by my father so has a certain sentimental value. I have grown up in the house and in the local area and so have always wanted to stay put; the only problem was that I wanted more room. My English Heritage Buildings extension provided the best of both worlds for me.”

English Heritage Buildings offers a wide selection of green oak products including home extensions, garages and garden rooms. Pricings depend on the bespoke design our team creates with you to match your existing home and preferences, but typically the supply of a garden room frame ranges from £20,000 to £40,000.

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The home of Richard and Jo
The home of Richard and Jo