An oak frame garage provides a solid, life-long structure to protect your vehicles, with the potential added advantage of storage space, living accommodation, a home office or more! With so many options – enclosed or open sided, multiple bays, single storey or room above – acquiring planning permission for an oak garage may appear simple, but on occasions can be complex.

You’ll also need to comply with any applicable building regulations, for example being at least a metre from the boundary. Although, car ports do not need building regulations approval providing they are open on at least two sides and have a floor area of not more than 30 square meters.

Planning for an oak frame garage
Providing your proposal meets certain size and location considerations and there is vehicular access to a drive and/or a parking space already exists, you may be deemed to have Permitted Development rights. Therefore, you may not need to apply for planning permission for a garage unless the structure is to the front of the house, will lie on designated land or Listed Building orders affect your property.

Planning for an oak frame garage with room above
If you’re looking to build a second storey over your garage / carport, you may need planning permission and / or Building Regulations approval, depending on your intended use of the space. You may also be required to set the frame back from the front of any existing building so that it won’t be over dominant or affect any other considerations, especially the visual aspects of the property. Generally, any new outbuilding needs to be in keeping with surrounding properties.

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