When putting together your ideal outdoor kitchen, you may not always stop to consider the covering it will need to protect each part against the elements. This is where we’ll be glad to step in and help, by showing you just what can be achieved in an outdoor kitchen roof. After this final touch is added, you’ll soon be ready to enjoy long, hot summer days with some good food and great company from family and friends.

Below, we have listed the design ideas we will be happy to make a reality for outdoor kitchen roofs across the UK. Read on to find out more about each of these, or get in touch with us right away if you already know what you need for your own garden or patio.

Our Outdoor Kitchen Roof Designs

We are proud to offer a beautiful range of patio kitchen roof designs, each of which is bound to give your garden a gorgeous space for outdoor cooking. The design you choose is completely up to you and may be influenced by the ideas you have for your kitchen when the work is complete. 

No matter which design you select, we’ll be glad to craft it for you. Once the work has been signed off, you can then expect your new outdoor feature to be delivered within six to eight weeks. You won’t even need planning permission to put it together, so you can get started on the installation as soon as you have the product, without any hassle or frustrations.

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebos

Traditionally, gazebos are crafted to be round or octagonal, but we can also offer square designs if that’s what your space requires. They’ll also usually be a self-contained structure and can be made with sides, providing you and your guests with a more sheltered space for dining and relaxation. You can stay out of the summer sun as much as you want with this structure, while still keeping the beautiful view.

For more about this product, or to order one for your own garden, please see our page on outdoor kitchen gazebos.

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion with a pond

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilions

These offerings are much like gazebos in terms of description, though they’re often differentiated by the fact that pavilions are completely open in most cases and are more likely to be square or rectangular. This design will offer you all the space you need for your outdoor rooms, whether you only need the roof to cover your kitchen, or if you’d like your very own outdoor living area joined on to create the perfect space for dining and entertainment. 

The open design is also just right for relaxing and looking out over your green space, or for stepping out onto the grass if you’d like to take in the sun for a few moments.

If you’d like to find out more, or get started on the buying process, please go to our page on outdoor kitchen pavilions.

Kitchen Pergola with a family inside

Outdoor Kitchen Pergolas

If you’d like your outdoor kitchen to have the look and feel of a Mediterranean solarium or terrace, a pergola covering should be your choice. This design will offer your space both the shade it needs and a stunning appearance with its cross-beam or lattice roof. You’ll be able to sit and admire the space you’ve created, as well as the garden, with this structure in place.

To learn more about this product, or to order your very own, please see our page on outdoor kitchen pergolas.

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Roof & Space

Outdoor garden Extension with garden furniture outside

You may know that you want an outdoor kitchen for your garden, but you may not have thought about any particular features or specific uses. We’ll be delighted to provide a few expert ideas and suggestions whenever this is the case, including:

  • Expanding the structure to include a seating area, making it a space for outdoor entertaining as well as cooking
  • Adding in a small fire pit for warmth in the evenings (we do recommend caution with placement here)
  • Adding in something “fun”, such as a pizza oven or an outdoor bar
  • Combining your barbecue and preparation space with the counters
  • Hanging lights around the pavilion, pergola or gazebo to illuminate the space and create a charming, soft glow in the evenings
  • Adding a coffee table in the seating area, so your outdoor living space can be used for relaxing lunches and coffee meetings with friends, as well as drinks and dining later in the day

Complete Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Roof Design Today

Outdoor Kitchen Gazebo

If you have been searching for the perfect finish to your patio kitchen before you start ordering any frames, English Heritage Buildings is here to help. When you get in touch with us, our members of staff will be happy to discuss anything you need to complete the look of your outdoor kitchen, and can even help you select the roof that best suits your requirements. Our team of trained and qualified carpenters will then be ready to put together your design, exactly as you have asked for it.

Contact us today and you’ll be able to place your order as soon as we know what you’d like. With our help, you can have your new kitchen set up and ready for outdoor entertainment and dining by the time the warm weather comes.