Darren Hook, Director of English Heritage Buildings, discusses why green oak is good for the environment, reduces energy costs and is a great investment for any stylish country home.

There is a growing trend of people looking to build eco-friendly structures without wanting to compromise on a creative and bespoke design. Green Oak offers the opportunity to realise the full potential of a luxury home, whilst also meeting environmental credentials. Green Oak adds both ecological advantages and investment value to a project, challenging home constructors’ conceptions of the traditional eco-home.

Quality material

In these uncertain times, many homeowners are looking to improve their existing property rather than move, with the aim to increase liveability and the value of the property. One of the most frequent questions asked by homeowners, and this is for many the deciding factor of any new home renovation, is if the quality of design and build will increase the value of the property.

When constructing with Green Oak, quality is guaranteed because the material hardens with age. Not only do the aesthetics of the oak change, with knots, grains and distortions becoming visible, creating a charming character, but this actually adds an element of longevity to the building. The dried wood supports and stabilises the strength of the overall structure, meaning the property has an unparalleled lifespan. Not only this but as a structural frame, Green Oak doesn’t require load bearing walls which allows for larger open spaces to be planned as part of the extension while using less material.

Eco-friendly investment

Construction using Green Oak also offers a number of ecological credentials due to its natural insulation properties. Oak has the ability to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather, and so can be used as a practical as well as aesthetically pleasing alternative to glass, metal and brick structures. These insulation properties also reduce the need for heating or ventilation of the extension, or the home, which in turn reduces emissions and saves money.

When people come to extend as an investment to their homes, they aren’t always aware that timber is the only truly renewable building resource available. At English Heritage Buildings, we ensure this remains the case with our sustainable construction process, selecting trees from managed forests where three new oaks are planted for every one that is felled. Not only does Green Oak offer environmental advantages, we also ensure that our timber is treated in an eco-friendly manner.