Beautiful and Bespoke Summer Garden Buildings

Are you looking to make the most of your garden in the summer?

We are fully prepared to provide customers across the whole of the UK with the beautiful, bespoke summer garden buildings that they have always wanted for their outdoor spaces. Every part of the purchase is arranged and crafted to the homeowner’s specifications and is kept friendly to their budget, and you will be guaranteed the same service when you get in touch with us. We will even be ready to assist with planning permission, should this be necessary.


“English Heritage Buildings were perfect. They provided us with a great service in all aspects from planning and design to finishing stages. They were very efficient, providing the product at the right time and in the right sizes, making the whole process really easy.”

‒ Robert Jebb, a self-builder and happy customer who installed one of our oak framed garages.

Why Choose English Heritage Buildings?

Timber has been used for centuries to construct durable, weather-resistant, and beautifully versatile buildings and structures, and we are proud to continue this tradition. Our work makes use of both green oak and Douglas-fir timber, and we utilise this to provide our customers with the summer garden buildings and outdoor relaxation spaces that they need to complete their properties.

We are confident that we can help you to design and build your very own comfortable summer house, and we have even provided a list of reasons we think this below:

An oak framed garden room with a patio on a well-kept lawn

We Provide an Award-Winning Service

We love what we do, and we are honoured to have been the recipient of the prestigious South East Best Rural Manufacturing Business award. Five judges were called to assess 17 different categories involved in our work, as well as to mark our company history, ethics, branding, customer service, individuality, and rural credentials.

We have also had the privilege of being the first oak and timber frame construction company to be awarded Q-Mark certification from BM TRADA. This offers reassurance to our customers that when they order a product from us, they will always receive something that has been made to industry standard.

We Offer Eco-Friendly Products and Processes

We keep our carbon footprint smaller by sustainably and ethically sourcing our timber from one specially designated site. For each tree used from this site, we will ensure that three saplings are planted in its place, and each tree is cultivated to be as tall, strong, and straight as possible, minimising the amount of wood that could be wasted during manufacture. This also allows us to keep prices competitive for our customers.

Timber is also known for being able to absorb large amounts of CO₂ emissions, unlike materials such as iron or steel. Iron, steel, and metal casings have been recorded as having the worst impact on reducing CO₂ emissions.

oak frame garden extension with patio

We Craft Durable Frames

All of our summer garden buildings are crafted from the highest quality, moisture-resistant materials we have available. These are graded and checked over carefully by our own trained team before any manufacturing work begins, which ensures that only the strongest pieces are ever used in our work. This keeps our frames durable and ensures complete structural integrity with everything that we make, no matter if you are searching for your dream outdoor living room, want to work in a home office that little bit closer to nature, or need extra storage for everything you own.

We Carry Out Fast Installations

Our builds are manufactured for a faster, less labour-intensive construction and installation process, which is achieved through precision engineering and traditional jointing techniques that allow for a quickly-assembled design. If you are looking to assemble your garden building in time for a particular date, this will be the service you need.

An oak-framed garden building

Benefits of Choosing EHBP

Garden Room with a well maintained lawn

We Design Stunning Bespoke Buildings

All of the products we provide are designed and manufactured to the bespoke requirements, needs, and ideas of their purchasers. This means that every customer who comes to us with plans in mind for their own summer house will receive the stunning relaxation (or even work or storage) space that they have been imagining for their property. 

Crafting structures in timber frames also lends a natural, countrified charm to any type of property, so your own design will reinforce the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space from the moment it has been installed.

Improved Heat Insulation in Our Garden Rooms

Research conducted at Lincoln University has found that solid wood has over 2.5x the thermal mass of concrete, and all wooden materials are known to have positive insulation properties. This is due to the air pockets contained within the material’s cellular structure, and means that the garden building you choose should naturally retain more heat than buildings made from other materials. As a result, the structure should also need less energy to heat up and cool down, saving you money on your energy bills.

The Easy Maintenance of Our Materials

Timber is not only a strong and versatile material; it is also wonderfully easy to maintain. This ensures that our summer garden buildings will need hardly any work whatsoever in order to be kept in their best possible condition. The tannins in the wood will naturally darken over time, but this isn’t a cause for concern, as it does not mean the wood is losing its strength or durability. If you would like to prevent this from happening anyway so that your summer house keeps its bright, golden-brown appearance, you will have the option of regularly sealing and treating the wood to keep it this way.

Summer garden building

Our Years of Experience

With over 35 years of experience in crafting exceptional garden offices, rooms, and storage spaces for homeowners across the UK, we are proud to call ourselves specialists in oak and timber frame construction. All of the manufacturing work we provide is carried out in our very own workshops by a team of trained and fully qualified craftsmen, and all installations are provided by our own skilled and dedicated builders.

Why Choose Us?

With nearly four decades working with green oak, we are at the forefront of our industry and are proud of the work we’ve done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Q-Mark Certified

We are the UK’s only oak framed building company to carry an EXOVA BM Trada Q-Mark, which means that with us you get a standard that you cannot get elsewhere. 

flitch beams

Business Award Winners

We are the recent winners of the South East Best Rural Manufacturing Business Award.

Our Range of Summer Garden Buildings

planning permission for your garage

Can I Build a Summer House in My Garden without Planning Permission?

It may come as a relief to know that, in most cases, small summer garden buildings that have been installed in back gardens will be considered permitted development and not need planning permission. This is in line with information found on the Planning Portal in relation to outbuildings. Following the guidelines linked here will normally ensure that you are also complying with Building Regulations, and therefore you should not need Building Regulations approval, either.

However, if you require a larger summer house for your property, with an increased maximum eaves height, a dual-pitched roof, or something close to your property boundary, then you will require planning permission before work can begin. This will also apply if you intend to build your garden room on the ground that surrounds listed buildings, or on a site of designated land (these include national parks, conservation areas, and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). 

Including sleeping accommodation in your build may also not comply with Building Regulations.

Obtaining Planning Permission With Us

If you would like to learn more about this, or if you know you will require assistance with getting planning permission, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We have our own professional team of planning consultants on hand to ensure your application goes through the first time, no matter where you need it installed.

planning permission

Buy Your Perfect Summer Relaxation Spot Today

Wooden Frame Building with well maintained lawn

If you know exactly what you would like for your ideal outdoor living and entertainment space, English Heritage Buildings can help you design, buy, and build it as soon as possible. Our friendly team will be ready and waiting to discuss your needs and specifications as soon as you get in touch, and our fast, professional service means you should have a brand-new garden room for any use you can imagine within six to eight weeks of the work being signed off.

With our assistance, you may soon be spending summers admiring your garden from the comfort of your favourite furniture, in the stunning, professionally crafted interior that you have always wanted. Contact us and let us help you get started on making your summer house design ideas a reality today.

For information on planning your bespoke garden buildings or to enquire about one of our buildings, please call or email our team today.