Luxury and Bespoke Garden Rooms

With over 30 years of experience providing luxury oak frame kits to customers across the UK, we know a thing or two about bespoke garden rooms. As a place to unwind after a long day or enjoy time with friends and family – a custom garden room is an elegant and efficient way to utilise extra space in your home.

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Reasons You Need a Garden Room Extension

Looking out at your garden, is anything missing? Perhaps you have been bringing in a feeling of luxury with your choice of plants and shrubs, or maybe no matter what you add, it never feels quite there. Well, a garden room might be just what is needed. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of timber frames, so no matter the build, you can always guarantee a high-quality experience and end product. 

If this is the first you are hearing of garden rooms, you might be wondering, ‘What would I use one for?’ Well, here are just a few things our garden rooms can offer you and your home.


They Extend Your Time With Loved Ones

You already know the importance of making lasting memories with friends and family – and home is where that happens. The living room and kitchen are well-loved spaces for social gatherings, but so too is the garden. Your garden room can act as the perfect waypoint for coming together with the ones you love.

The More Options the Better

One of the best things about our bespoke garden rooms, aside from their quality and reliability, is their versatility. No matter how you would like to utilise your new garden room, it is there to be what you need it to be. 

  • Home office: Fit your garden room with all the essentials any working office needs – a gorgeous wooden desk, your favourite chair, and plenty of stationery. Then bring some outside in with a few choice plants. Everything you need is kept within arms reach while you are working from home.
  • Gym Solution: It can be hard to maintain that gym routine, but the membership comes out every month. Save your money and invest in a home gym, right out in your garden. Filled with all the essential equipment, keep fit in style.
  • Garden Studio: For the art lovers and creatives among us, a dedicated space for your projects is a blessing. Design your bespoke garden room to work alongside your creative process, and keep it all contained in one place. Then, when creative block hits, you can step out into your garden for a breath of fresh air. 

Benefits of Choosing EHBP


Our Range of Luxury Garden Rooms


A Place to Entertain

A garden party is a wonderful way to hold space and share your time with your favourite people. With one of our luxury garden rooms, you have a space to grab some shade and refreshments, or, in the colder months, a place to enjoy good company comfortably – thanks to the option to add double glazing to your garden room and the natural insulation properties of our oak frames. So your winter game nights will always be well-protected and insulated.

Or a Place to Get Away

Social capacity aside, our garden rooms can act as the ideal place to take a few moments to yourself. Your room, your rules. Our builds have been awarded the industry-celebrated BM TRADA Q-MARK – so you know your frame will be the best and most luxurious that money can buy, so next comes how you will fill it. Your idyllic escape room needs to be perfect, and it will be. Let us make sure.


Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Garden Room

When faced with a blank canvas, it can be hard to know where to start. You want your garden room to represent you and your style. So before design and building are underway, just before the budgeting stage, it might be good to think about your aesthetic – and how you can get as much luxury out of your garden room as possible

Classic and Contemporary Interior

Classic and Contemporary

  • Colours: Contemporary style is all about softness and neutrals, so when deciding on colour palettes, try choosing soft whites and greys, terracottas, and taupes. 
  • Fabrics: When adding curtains to your garden room, try rich velvets and elegant silks, or alternatively opt for natural linens. 
  • Decorations: As for decorations, try curating a selection of books to display on a dark wood coffee table, some abstract artworks for the walls, and stone ornaments reminiscent of Greek style. 

Finishing touches: No space is complete without plants, so find some earth-toned pots and set some cheese plants or fiddle leaf figs to finish off your luxury garden room.

A Japanese Influence

  • Colours: Like contemporary style, Japanese interiors often opt for a neutral colour palette – but try to side with strong white elements and bamboo woods. Japanese design is heavily inspired by nature, so greens and browns are also good choices.
  • Fabrics: Scrap the curtains and instead fit some light wood blinds to lean into that simple, minimalist style that is so commonly favoured in Japan. 
  • Decorations: Remember to keep your decor minimal. Here we are trying to maintain an open-space, airy feel. So a few choice pieces will be enough. An ornate tea set, bone china bowls, a mini zen garden, essential oil diffuser, or a table-top water feature.
  • Finishing touches: Top off the aesthetic with a set of succulents and, of course, a bonsai or two.
A Japanese Influenced Interior
Modern Interior

The Modern Look

  • Colours: Start with a base of trusty black, white, or grey, then add a pop of colour with some pastel shades here and there. Remember to keep the space minimal, even more so than in the Japanese style guide above. As long as you avoid colours that are too vibrant, your space will give off a modern air. 
  • Fabrics: Take the curtains down and open the space to natural light. Keep your soft furnishings low and long, either in neutral fabrics or warmer faux leather. 
  • Decorations: Most modern design is inspired by, fittingly, modern art. So a clean line approach is best. When it comes to modern decoration, items with a solid function will be better than decorative trinkets. Everything should have a use or purpose in the space, and not take up too much of it.
  • Finishing touches: You can still have plants in a modern space. Snake plants are a perfect choice, with their stripped colouring and clean points. Alternatively, choose unusual shapes, and plantlife that draws the eye for its otherworldly feel.

What is the Price of Luxury? 

Price is difficult to pin down, as every garden room is different. Size, shape, levels … there is a lot that goes into your unique quote. But generally, you can expect your garden room to cost between £5,000 at the lower end and £30,000 as designs get more elaborate.

You need never worry about the life expectancy of your oak frame garden room, as the oak we use is mostly maintenance-free. In fact, as your garden room ages and weathers over time, the oak will naturally age and strengthen. This is the reason we have been using oak to build for over 1,000 years – few materials hold up better.

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Do I Need Planning Permission For My Luxury Garden Room?

Generally speaking, you should not need planning permission for your garden room, as their size usually falls within the limitations set in the terms of permitted development. Despite this, we recommend you always check with your local authority, just to be sure that your build has its place and is legal.
If, for whatever reason, you fail to proclaim planning permission for your garden room, our deposits are fully refundable. For more information on planning permission, you can follow our in-depth guide.

Start Designing Your Bespoke Garden Room Today

From your windows to your doors, we can help you to map out your perfect garden room and collate all the necessary measurements and information for any potential planning permission requests. Browse our selection of ready-to-go designs here. Or, if you would like something more bespoke, book a quote today.

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