Handcrafted Lean-To Garden Rooms for Storage and Living Space

As one of the UK’s leading oak construction companies, we are confident in our ability to design, craft, and install lean-to garden room kits for a range of different uses. These are made from the finest French oak we have available, and can be installed with double glazed windows. We can also prepare them to be fully insulated, if you’d like to use your dream garden room all year round.

Explore the designs we have for sale, or contact us right away if you already know what you would like to complete your living or storage space


Take a look below at some ideas to inspire your build:

Our Wooden Lean-To Kits are Made Bespoke

We pride ourselves on exceptional work, and on being able to provide our customers with bespoke options for their lean-to garden rooms. This ensures that your planned purchase will suit all your needs, no matter how you intend to use the space.

planning permission for your garden building

Planning Permission for Lean-To Garden Room Extensions

Depending on how you intend to build your lean-to garden room, it may require planning permission before you can begin. Your location in the UK and the use you have planned for your lean-to may also play a role in determining this.

To find out more, and to learn how we can help, please see our planning permission guide.

Uses and Ideas for Your New Lean-To

We have crafted and created a variety of wooden lean-to garden rooms for customers found across the UK and the Channel Islands. These products have all been designed to be unique, and your own purchase can be adapted to suit your particular needs.

Below, we’ve provided a few ideas on how you may decide to use your own lean-to garden room, once the kit has been built and installed:

  • A kitchen extension – if the one thing your family home is missing is a big kitchen diner, where all your family and friends can sit, eat, and admire the garden, then adding a lean-to garden room extension might offer the space you need.
  • A living room extension – if your family needs just that little bit more room to spread out and relax, a lean-to will provide it. In the warmer months, it can even double up as a summer house that flows seamlessly into the rest of your living space.
  • A home office or study – if you’d like to work surrounded by nature, or need your own peaceful nook for reading books, then a lean-to can offer exactly this. For this purpose, you may not even need to dedicate a large space; just enough room for your desk, some shelves, and your favourite chair.
  • A storage area – our lean-to garden room extensions can often be the space saving solution you need when there is no more room in the rest of the house for your most precious belongings. This may also be useful to you if you already have a designated workshop space in your home or garage, as it can be used to store tools.
A couple sitting on a sofa in a garden building

As many people in the UK are having to work from home for the foreseeable future, and may decide to work from home more often even after it’s safe to return to offices, you may find that the lean-tos we have for sale are the ideal answer.

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Our Range of Lean To Garden Rooms

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How Much Does a Lean-To Cost?

We understand that you will be looking to plan the cost of any new lean-to extension into your budget. That is why we will work closely with you to plan and calculate the cost of your ideal home office, living room, or much-needed storage space. As such, the price you’ll be quoted will be based on individual requirements and the specific needs you have for your lean-to.

The work we provide may usually be priced at anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000. To find out how your new lean-to may therefore fit into your budget, speak with us today.

Our Q-Mark Certification

Every lean-to structure we have for sale is Q-Mark certified. This means you may rest assured that everything from our building techniques to the processes undertaken on our site are overseen and analysed by Exova BM TRADA. This certification panel is widely considered the strictest in the UK, and is held in the highest esteem.

We source our timber from a specially designated site in France, cultivating traditional green oak (Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea) for this purpose. This beautiful, durable wood is guaranteed to offer you the stunning, hard-wearing results you need for any extension. To ensure sustainability and minimise waste, we will also plant our own trees and ensure they are grown to be as tall and straight as possible. 

This means more of the wood can be used in construction, takes up less land, and means we can offer our customers more competitive prices.

A house with a garden room extension
A house with a garden room extension

Request a Brochure

Even though our team is working from home where possible due to the Coronavirus, we are still open for business. If you’d like to receive a free brochure that you can download and look at in your own time, fill in your contact details on our brochure page. We’ll provide you with a hard copy once we have returned to our office.

Order Your High Quality Wooden House Extension Today

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Once you’ve found the ideal lean-to for doubling your living space, creating that perfect kitchen extension, or even just sorting out any storage problem in your home, contact our team to receive a free quote. We’ll make sure the price of the work is tailored to your needs, as well as your budget.

We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about our process, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.


Is Your Construction Process Covid-19 Friendly?

We are doing everything we can to keep our manufacturing work Covid-19 friendly wherever possible. This means taking all possible precautions and carrying out work under strict safety measures. These include making sure our staff are always wearing masks and keeping to social distancing rules.

How Long Will My Lean-To Take to Deliver?

Once we have confirmation that you are happy with the lean-to garden room you will be receiving (including the deposit payment, together with signed drawing, quotation and terms and conditions), we will prepare it and have it sent out to you. 
Any kit we provide should be sent out to its destination in the UK or the Channel Islands within six to eight weeks of being signed off.

How Long Will My Lean-To Take to Build and Install?

How long it will take to build your lean-to garden room all depends on the size of your chosen kit. For smaller projects, this may take several weeks to a month.

Will Anything Else Affect the Cost?

When thinking about how to budget for your new lean-to, there are a few more factors that you may wish to consider:

– How you intend to use the lean-to (whether as an office, living space, kitchen diner, etc.)
– The style of the frame or cross-section
– The type of timber you’d like for the joinery, cladding, and rafters
– Access and security requirements

If you are in the final stages of selecting your lean-to and haven’t yet considered these factors, there is no need to worry. Our team will be on hand to help talk you through each of them, before finding the best garden buildings or extensions for your budget.

If you have any other questions regarding our lean-tos, you may find the answers you are looking for on our comprehensive FAQs page.

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We are oak frame specialists, with nearly 40 years of experience producing high-quality oak buildings, and this expertise is demonstrated through both our industry accreditations and our awards.

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English Heritage Buildings holds a BM Trada Q-Mark for our oak framed buildings, the only UK company to do so. This showcases the unbeatable quality of our products.

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