Luxurious Hot Tub Garden Rooms

Here at English Heritage Buildings, we produce a wide range of beautiful, diverse garden buildings. Whether you are choosing from our ready-prepared designs or opting for a bespoke design built around your needs, one of our garden rooms will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. If you’re looking to install a hot tub within your garden, our skilled designers can build you a hot tub garden room, a relaxing and attractive space for friends and family.


Build a Bespoke Hot Tub Garden Room

Our design team will work with you to ensure your hot tub garden room is built around your needs and the dimensions of your outdoor space. If nothing in our extensive range suits your vision, we are able to accommodate your own custom designs and, once you have signed off on our quote, we will get to work manufacturing and delivering your garden room to your door in 6 to 8 weeks.

Garden Room Construction

Design Ideas for Your Hot Tub Garden Room

Garden rooms, by their very nature, allow for absolute versatility when it comes to interior design and intended use. They can of course be used as an extended living space or as a comfy home office in your garden, but many are now looking to install a hot tub within their garden room, transforming the space completely.


A Luxury Hot Tub Spa in Your Garden

A hot tub garden room will offer instant relaxation and detox within reach, whenever you need it. Some have their hot tubs set up in the garden, covered for most of the year, waiting for warmer weather. The beauty of a hot tub garden room is that you can enjoy it all year round! 

When you design your very own fully insulated garden room you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub at any time, no matter the weather. We recommend opting for bi-folding doors if you are going to do this, as they not only keep your garden room warm and secure when closed, but also allow for a space-conscious, open-plan look for warmer days. If you want to save space in your garden room for other spa essentials, you could choose to add a canopy or gazebo to the outside of your garden room, which you can use to shelter your hot tub from the elements and any debris that might drift in and make the water unclean.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Garden Room Cost?

Every outdoor space is different, from size to terrain type – and each will need a garden room that fits its own unique specifications. Due to the bespoke nature of our garden buildings, we are unable to provide one price that fits all. Your hot tub garden room could cost anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000, so we recommend requesting a quote from us directly, with our team providing you with an estimate depending on your plans. For more information read our article on garden room costs.

Our Range of Hot Tub Garden Room

Benefits of Choosing EHBP

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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Hot Tub Garden Room?

A hot tub garden room is a place to kick back and unwind, but the potential of complex planning permission can cause stress for those looking to create their ideal garden space. Planning permission can be a big hassle to apply for and obtain, and the process can be extremely confusing to beginners.

The good news is that most garden rooms do not require any planning permission before you can get started building. But the question remains: is your hot tub garden room going to be a permitted development? There are many factors that go into this evaluation, some of which will confirm that:

  • Your hot tub garden room will not be violating any restrictions that come with your home being a Listed Building, heritage property, or built on protected land.
  • Your hot tub garden room is not an extension to your home and does not act as a self-contained living space.
  • Your hot tub garden room is built to a height of no more than 4 metres, including the eaves.

If you would like to know more, or are still unsure if your custom plans will be classed as permitted development or not, we have a detailed article that covers everything you need to know about planning permission.

Plan the Perfect Hot Tub Garden Room Today

There is no better time to consider a hot tub garden room for your outdoor space. In the winter months, you can rely on the natural and fully-insulated shelter in order to enjoy a spa session at home and, in the summer months, you can open up the doors and let in some fresh air as you doze in your very own hot tub – just a few steps from your back door. With the large range of bespoke designs and custom options, you can design the perfect garden building for you and your family.


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