Bespoke Garden Games Rooms

You may be looking to better utilise your outdoor area with a garden room – and we could not recommend a more versatile and exquisite addition to your garden. You can create a space for any need, including recreational. Our range of DIY garden games rooms could be the ideal use of the space and a wonderful way to bring the family together.


Design Ideas for a Timber Garden Games Room

The best thing about our garden games rooms is that they can really be anything. Yours may be a space for you or one for the family, a sophisticated location for after-dinner fun, or a technological wonderland for younger folks. The canvas is yours.

  • Tabletop Games Room: The ideal place for enjoying a few drinks with friends or taking a moment to yourself to unwind and clear the cobwebs. All you need is some comfortable seating for spectators and your favourite table-based game – be it a pool table, snooker table, or table tennis.
  • Room for Game Night: Perhaps you could use your garden games room to host game nights for friends? Install some attractive shelving with plenty of space to store  a selection of classic and favourite board games, then make sure you have a table large enough for any set-up or number of players. Everyone loves games night, and your garden games room could be home to them.
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  • Gaming Studio: Would you consider yourself or any members of your family avid gamers? Well, you could use your garden games room as a place to set up your television and consoles, bring in some comfortable seating, and there you have it – the perfect location for a rainy day spent playing video games with the kids or on your own.
  • Garden Games Storage: Games played outside with friends and family are a wonderful way to connect and create unforgettable memories. There is no reason why your garden games room cannot be a storage space for games played outside. Capture the flag, football, garden Olympics, outdoor arts and crafts – your garden room can house the fun until the sun comes out. And until then, it can act as a place to rest between games.

Building a Timber Garden Games Room

To build your bespoke garden games room, we source the highest quality English oak, sustainably sourced from managed woodlands across the country, and expertly cut the timber pieces to size – with your plans as our guide. Building a games room in your garden should be simple, so you can focus on the fun, and so we cover everything from production, speedy nationwide delivery, and assembly on your property, all within a matter of weeks. 

We choose oak because of its reliability. For centuries we have used it as the foundation of our architecture, and we at English Heritage Buildings harness age-old techniques infused with modern technology. Our oak frame games rooms are a stunning and sturdy addition to your outdoor space. Thanks to oak’s impressive genetic makeup, your build will only strengthen over time and comes naturally resistant to pests and decay.

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What to Consider When Building a Garden Games Room

Building the ideal games room in your garden comes with its own range of considerations. So before you start drawing up plans for your new installation and purchasing items to fill it, make sure you have thought about the following, and included them in your plans:

  • Proper insulation: Our garden games room kits are very well insulated already. Hardwoods, like oak, are natural insulators thanks to their closed grain and the fibres of the wood itself, which work as one to keep your garden room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Despite this, it may be worth looking into how you can fortify your garden games room against more extreme weather, so you can still enjoy the space all year round. Find out more about the insulation options we offer.
  • Windows and doors: As stated above, proper insulation is important to maintain comfort, especially in a recreational space. All of our garden room kits can be customised to include just the right windows and glazing. The same goes for your doors. We have a varied range of styles from bifold doors for ease of access and optimal airflow, to french doors for a touch of sophisticated charm. Browse our options for windows and doors here.

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Our Range of Garden Games Rooms

How Much Does a Timber Garden Games Room Cost?

Our impressive garden room selection boasts a large choice of sizes and styles, so prices will naturally vary – especially for bespoke designs that can be built to exact and unrestricted specifications. The best way to get a cost in mind is to request a bespoke quote from us. Our team will aim to get back to all queries as quickly as possible. For a standard garden games room, you can expect an estimate between £5,000 and £30,000.

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Will a Garden Games Room Require Planning Permission?

As with any large-scale build, planning permission and building regulations are important to consider ahead of time. Thankfully, most of our garden room kits do not require any kind of permit. This is due to their height and overall size falling within the maximum range. So as long as your garden games room is built at a sufficient distance from your property, and it remains one-storey, your development is permitted.
There are cases, of course, where planning permission will be required – for example, if your outdoor space is protected land or if you would like your garden games room to double as a self-contained living space. For more information, and the dos and don’ts, check out our detailed guide on planning permission.

If you’d like to learn more about our timber and oak framed garden rooms, or have any further questions, our FAQs page may have the answers you’re looking for.

Purchase the Perfect Garden Games Room Today

Do you think a garden games room is right for your garden space? A garden room is an extremely adaptable space with enough potential to become just about anything – a cosy log cabin, a busy garden office, a creative hobby room – thanks to our huge range of existing kit designs and our option for bespoke designs, a garden games room can be used for recreation and as a place to unwind. There is no reason to limit yourself or your garden room.

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We are oak frame specialists, with nearly 40 years of experience producing high-quality oak buildings, and this expertise is demonstrated through both our industry accreditations and our awards.

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English Heritage Buildings holds a BM Trada Q-Mark for our oak framed buildings, the only UK company to do so. This showcases the unbeatable quality of our products.

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