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Can You Attach a Timber Garden Room to Your House?

The short answer is yes, you can attach a timber garden room to your house and this is something we can help with. Few suppliers are able to design garden rooms that have the capability to attach to your home, but English Heritage Buildings is an exception. Our timber garden rooms work beautifully attached and detached from your property, but there are a few things to consider if you are thinking of attaching a room to your house. 

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Let’s look at what you need to consider when attaching a garden room to your house.


Attaching a Garden Room to Your Home

Having your garden room built directly on your house is not something offered by all suppliers, so it is quite a bespoke request. Naturally, this comes with its own unique challenges, when compared to the fully detached counterpart.

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What to Consider

  • It will still count as an extension: A garden room attached to your home may seem like a more cost-effective solution to a full extension or conservatory, but in reality, if the garden room is attached, it will still be counted as an extension to your property – which means you will need all the relevant planning permission and building regulations, as you would for adding any room in your house. For more information on how to get planning permission, read more here
  • It could take longer to complete: Installing a garden room that is attached to your home is a more complex job, with more to consider as permitted development. We always aim to complete each build in a timely manner, but it is important to consider that attaching the garden room may take extra time.
  • It may clash with existing structures: Our oak frame garden rooms are put together using beautiful cuts of timber on a base of sturdy masonry – and although they would be a stunning addition to your home’s garden, it is important to note that the wood frame style, when directly attached to your home, may not suit existing aesthetics.

Benefits of Choosing EHBP


Our Range of Garden Rooms Attached to House

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Detached Garden Room

Though we can accommodate you if you choose to have your garden room attached to your home, we can also complete free-standing designs. Like the former, a detached garden room has its own specific considerations that may help to sway your decision one way over another.

What to Consider

  • No planning permission: Building your new garden room separate from your home, even just a few meters, can mean the difference between requiring planning permission/building regulations and not. Acquiring these permissions is a time-consuming process and can sometimes result in a denied request. However, our detached garden rooms are usually exempt. 
  • Allows for full building control: When your garden room is separate from your home, designing and building become much simpler, as there are fewer technical aspects to consider. This frees up creative control to you, allowing for a wider scope and more unique additional features and design choices. 
  • A more versatile use of extra space: A detached structure in your garden can act as so much more than just another room in your home. It can be a place to enjoy the fresh air and also relax in the shade. You can use it as a garden office or gym, or even deck it out as an extra living space. The possibilities really are endless with our range of bespoke garden rooms.

What We Recommend if You’re Considering Attaching a Garden Room to Your House 

As you can see, both variations offer benefits and challenges, but overall, if you are not looking to add an extension to your home, we recommend a detached garden room. Without the pressure of gaining planning permission, and with the free space to be creative with potential design and layout, the detached garden room ticks a lot of boxes. 

It is worth stating that both options will add value to your home, so no matter where you decide to place your new garden room, you can almost always guarantee a return on your investment.


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