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Planning restrictions, especially needing to apply for planning permission, can be a confusing and time-consuming process. We work to curb or eliminate these stresses for UK homeowners, with many of the ready-made and custom-ordered designs we provide simply crafted by our expert team and then delivered, anywhere in the UK, ready for installation with no additional planning needed. However, you may need some expert help and guidance on knowing when and where restrictions will apply.

As a rule of thumb, larger, more complex structures are likely to have restrictions on them. But with our support and assistance, you can still get the garden room design you want, without the hassle and frustration of being held back by rules and regulations. 

Explore the wooden garden rooms we already have available here, or contact us if you have a specific design in mind. Our team can help it become a reality, whether or not it needs permission to be built.

Helping You Understand Planning Restrictions

Planning restrictions, which you might also know as planning permission, are the regulations set by local authorities. These regulations set out what can and cannot be built on a property. They are often a significant concern for homeowners, as they can impede the construction of garden rooms, by imposing limits on the size, height, and location of structures, aiming to preserve the character of neighbourhoods and protect the environment.

Understanding the restrictions in your local area is vital, as they can present roadblocks when you begin making plans for expanding your living space with a garden room. Fortunately, we have many years of experience in supporting our customers through the planning process. This includes helping them however we can with obtaining planning permission.

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Our Planning Permission Guide

Our comprehensive planning permission guide offers an extensive resource on everything you need to know about planning permission. It addresses various concerns that you might have about the process, including:

  • When to initiate the planning process
  • Questions around permitted development
  • Whether or not you need permission
  • How we’ll help with planning permission
  • Pricing information

You’ll also find information on our recommended Planning Consultant, who have an in-depth understanding of our products, materials, and manufacturing and construction techniques, making them the best team to call for advice on your planning project.

Find out more by reading our guide here.

Fully Compliant Tailored Designs

Our approach to garden buildings requiring planning permission is conducted in full collaboration with our customers. We work closely with them to design a classic or modern garden room that seamlessly adheres to regulations wherever they live. Our team’s expertise ensures that these designs not only comply but also blend harmoniously with the homeowner’s existing property and the local environment.

This compliance is particularly important if the garden room you’ve ordered is to be an extension attached to your main property. In many cases, extensions to homes are required to be made from the same or similar materials to the rest of the building. As such, you will need to ensure your planned garden room extension meets this requirement before it can be built.

In order to ensure they can be used all year round, wooden garden rooms also come fully insulated as standard.

High-Quality Materials

Compliance with planning restrictions demands an unwavering commitment to quality. This is something we prioritise in every project. Our use of premium-grade materials and precision craftsmanship ensures not only a timeless aesthetic appeal but also full adherence to regulations.

All of the green oak and Douglas-fir timber we use comes from sustainable sources, with grading performed by our trained and qualified team, who’ll recycle the pieces deemed unsuitable for manufacturing.

Our Range of Bespoke Wooden Garden Rooms

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Contact Us for a Fully Compliant Garden Room

Make any luxury retreat you have in mind a reality, with help from English Heritage Buildings. Our team will help you overcome planning restrictions and obtain full permission to build the space you have in mind. 

Whether it’s a home office, garden gym, games room, or several of these at once, you’ll have our full support. We can make it as large or as small as you need, to fit the design you want, as well as to avoid or overcome restrictions.