Stay in Budget With Our Bespoke Wooden Garden Rooms

Get a bespoke garden room that fits your budget without compromising on quality or design, and enjoy versatile, value-for-money outdoor living.


Navigating Aesthetic Choices with Ease

The worry of going over budget shouldn’t have to stop you from getting the garden room you’ve always wanted. With help from English Heritage Buildings, you can get a beautiful permanent space to work, rest, or entertain, designed and manufactured to meet your price range.

Talk to our friendly team about what you need in a garden room, or explore our range of large and small garden rooms to see what we can achieve for your property.

Understanding Your Vision and Budget

Your aesthetic preferences matter to us, and we believe in turning your dreams into a reality. We work closely with homeowners, combining vision with budget to create the garden buildings that best suit the needs of the purchaser.

Whether you’re looking for a new home office, a private garden gym, or a games room for your whole family to enjoy, our team will carefully adjust their design to meet your wishes. We’ll also be able to advise you and make adjustments when needed to meet your budgetary needs.

Oak Frame Lean To Garden Room

Customisation Without Surprises

Our approach simplifies the process of creating a bespoke structure, with our experts engaging with you in transparent pricing discussions and detailed design consultations, ensuring that every aspect is understood and accounted for. 

With English Heritage Buildings, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. We believe in open and honest communication, allowing you to enjoy your garden room without any financial surprises.

Cost-Efficiency Through Collaboration

By working closely with our team, you’ll have the opportunity to create a versatile, high-quality space that meets your needs. You’ll also have complete control over its features, meaning you can add or remove elements to help you match the design to the price you want to pay.

We are also committed to keeping costs in check without compromising quality. All of our wooden garden rooms are precision-crafted using the same premium-grade materials, state-of-the-art technology, and the skill of our master carpenters. Large or small, simple or complex, our designs are made for a beautiful finish and full structural integrity.

Our dedication to efficiency and teamwork ensures that your investment goes further, with fast lead times of around 6 to 8 weeks ensuring your frames will be with you and ready to build sooner than you think.

garden room
An oak framed garden room with a patio on a well-kept lawn

Versatility and Value-For-Money

The versatility of our wooden garden rooms allows you to make quick adjustments to its purpose, saving money by doubling up the use of the extra space. Whether alternating between an office and a gym, or a game room and a dining area, you’ll have a single versatile space that can offer everything.

We want our customers to be able to reconnect with nature whenever they want, and to have a retreat they can use whenever they would like. This is why all our garden rooms are also fully insulated as standard, allowing you to use yours all year round.

The Benefits of a Tailored Design

When your garden room is thoughtfully designed to suit your unique needs and preferences, it not only improves your daily living and working, but also adds significant value to your property. It becomes an attractive selling point for future buyers, making your home more appealing in the competitive housing market.

If you ever plan on putting your home up for sale, your garden room could be a key selling point, with our adaptable, durable, and attractive designs acting as a true investment in your home.


Our Range of Bespoke Wooden Garden Rooms

Architectural planning drawings

Your Dream Garden Room, Within Budget

Transform your outdoor space the way that you want, without going over budget, with help from English Heritage Buildings. Contact us to discuss your ideas for a wooden garden room and let us help you put together a design that matches your budget.