Oak Framed Garden Building

Purchasing a garden room presents many different opportunities to turn your outside area into the dream space you have always imagined having. But what are these? What can you do with a garden room once it’s been installed? 

Below, we have provided a guide on some of the garden room ideas you can use to makeover your outside spaces. With these in mind, you should be inspired to create the interior you have always imagined owning from any new purchase that you have made.

Practical Garden Room Ideas

Often, there may simply not be room elsewhere on your property for practical work or storage to take place. In these instances, having a garden room provides you with all the indoor space that you could need, on the previously untouched ground of your garden.

Garden buildings and rooms may be utilised in the great outdoors for:

Garden Office Spaces

English Woodlands Oak Frame Office

Working from home has become a necessity for many in the modern-day, but not everyone can find the space for a home office in their main property. They may also be surrounded by noise and distractions, and want nothing more than a peaceful space away from that where they will be able to concentrate on their projects. 

If this appeals to you, turning your outdoor room into a garden office may be the best idea. You will be bound to finish all of your work projects in this sort of tranquil space; they offer as much room as you need for your desk, shelves, and cabinets, and will come with the perfect view of your garden and as much natural light as you would like!

Garden Workshops

Garden Workshop Interior

If you do not have enough room in your garage for all of your mechanical projects and the tools and gear that go with them, a garden room can easily be turned into the workshop you need. Any room built for your property can be made large enough to accommodate the machinery you are building or working on ‒ even a complete classic car collection can fit!

Storage Areas

Oak framed Storage room

You may not have enough room in your main property for everything you want to keep. When this happens, a garden room can easily double up as a storage space that doesn’t follow the traditional aesthetics of a garden shed. The best part to take from this is that the room will offer all of the same benefits as an ordinary garden shed while providing an appealing look that matches the rest of your outdoor space.

Whether you need to store garden tools or furniture, or even logs for your fireplace, a garden room will offer the insulation and security you need.

Garden Room Designs for Leisure

You may not need more space for work and other practical elements, but you may be thinking of installing a garden room that offers you more space for fun and leisure. If you are unsure how this may best be used, you may be interested in learning more about garden room designs that centre around relaxation:

Summer Houses

Summer house with a pool outside

The first idea that many will think of when imagining a garden room is a summer house used for outdoor living or dining. In the warmth of the summer, these spots make ideal entertaining spaces and comfortable nooks for unwinding in, and the size of the room you decide on may make the difference as to what you use it for.

If you are planning on installing a large garden room, these can be made big enough to accommodate all the furniture and as many people as you plan on inviting over for a barbecue or an evening drink. Small garden rooms, on the other hand, may simply make enough living space for one or two people and can be better used as a mid-afternoon reading spot tucked away in a quiet corner.

Garden Studios

Garden Studio with 2 bay garage underneath

Having a place you can dabble in your hobbies undisturbed often makes all the difference to your creative process. By installing a garden room studio, you will have a space that you can call your own and keep exactly as you like it, no matter what pastime you like to use it for. Art, photography, and pottery can all benefit from the space and natural light provided, and those who like to partake in dance and music will find that their hobbies are not overlooked or overheard by anyone else. 

Garden Gyms

Garden Room converted to a gym

Gym memberships are often expensive in the modern-day, and many people prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home in the first place. Installing a garden gym, complete with all the machines and equipment you would normally use in an ordinary leisure centre or gym, can offer you the personal, cost-effective space that helps you to feel comfortable. You will also never lose money if you decide not to go for a week!

The largest garden houses and rooms we can construct can also be turned into indoor swimming pools if this is your preferred method of exercise.

Garden Room Extension Ideas

A garden room extension is not freestanding but is instead attached to the main property. Design ideas for these spaces are often related to the rooms they will be attached to but can be expanded to fit in with other ideas that you have in mind. 

It should be noted that garden room extensions are often more likely to need planning permission than freestanding garden rooms. To learn more about this, please see our planning permission guide or contact your local planning authority. 

Garden room extension ideas that you may decide to use for your property include:

Extra Living Space

If your home could use a larger (or even a second) living room to make it more comfortable, to act as a conduit space between your home and your garden in the summer, or even to create the perfect area for children to play when the weather isn’t suitable for going outdoors, an extension can provide this. It can also provide you with the ideal view of your garden if you would like to use the space for reading or working.

More Room for Fine Dining

Like summer houses, garden room extensions can often make the perfect space to host and entertain friends and family. A larger area means room for a larger dining table, more chairs, and the potential to decorate the space as you would like. Impress your friends and loved ones with your interior design and the improved view of your garden as you eat and drink.

A Larger Kitchen

Oak Framed Kitchen

Extensions are also the answer if you would like to remodel and extend your kitchen into the spot you’ve always wanted. Whether you simply need the room to make the meals and prepare the food that you most like, or even if you are planning on hosting a group of people for a meal around the island you want to be installed, extending your property to make room for this is the most practical idea. 

You will even have the opportunity to partake in some DIY with an extension and decorate the interior to suit the design ideas that you have been imagining.

Simple and Rustic Garden Room Ideas

Garden room designs don’t have to be overly complicated. Once one has been installed on your property, you will have free rein to use them as you need and would most enjoy. As such, if you would prefer to keep DIY to a minimum and the design ideas simple and rustic, you will be able to do this as you please.

Some of the simple or rustic ideas you can use to transform your garden room once it has been built include:

Painting Your Garden Room

Wooden garden rooms can easily be painted inside, allowing you the chance to decorate the inside in a colour scheme that you would prefer. A bright white or off-white, for instance, may provide more light by bouncing natural light from the windows and doors around. Meanwhile, other fashionable colours, such as light blues or pastel shades, may help complete the trendsetting aesthetic – or match any furniture you have already planned for the space.

Decorating Your Garden Room

Decorating your garden room doesn’t have to stop at painting the interior. Setting down carpets and rugs, hanging pictures on the walls, and decorating with plants or art pieces may also help to turn your new garden room into a space that you can truly live and work in. You may even consider adding curtains to the windows of your room to add another layer of privacy when you need this.

Turn Your DIY Garden Room Ideas into a Reality

If you would like to turn an outdoor space into an ideal spot for work, leisure, or practical storage, contact English Heritage Buildings today.

Our team will be ready and fully prepared to help you design and craft your perfect garden room, summer house, or property extension in precision-crafted green oak or Douglas-fir timber. Everything will be made bespoke to your needs and requirements, supplied to you and installed on your property within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off.

Get in touch with us on the phone or send us an email about your plans for a garden room of any kind and we will be glad to provide you with a quote for the work you want to be completed. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have before you place your order.