Bespoke Garden Offices Where Tranquility Meets Productivity

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Whether you’re looking for a garden office to work semi-permanently or permanently from home, or to simply a tranquil space to work away from your busy homelife, our bespoke garden buildings can be designed to meet any requirement.

Why Choose a Garden Office from EHB?

Alongside being one of the longest-standing oak construction companies in the UK, EHB specialise in designing and installing bespoke garden offices made from the finest french oak. Our designs can be installed with double-glazed windows and prepped for insulation if required. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to designing your garden office.

Explore our variety of builds below to become inspired this season.

All Garden Offices Made Bespoke

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What separates EHB from the competition is that all our garden offices are made bespoke to order. This means your oak garden office can be customised to suit your exact requirements. Maybe you’re an artist looking for a spacious design to allow for tools and painting/crafting areas or perhaps you’re looking for a more compact office to become your new semi-permanent workspace due to COVID-19.

Whatever the reason, our team can design, build and install your garden office anywhere in the UK. Simply choose a foundation from our wide range of buildings above and then contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Uses for your Garden Office

Our team have designed many garden offices for customers across the UK and each project has been completely unique. In some cases, customers have bought garden offices but have adapted them to suit a variety of needs, for example, a makeshift gym.

Below, we have provided a list of ideas for your garden office to offer some design inspiration:

Semi-permanent office – due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to work from home. Cramped in their bedrooms and busy living rooms with their partners and/or children, this working environment does not promote productivity or comfort.

Creative workshop – some of our past customers have decided to design their office to suit their creative endeavours, be it for business or recreation. Creative workshops are usually designed slightly bigger to allow for workbenches, crafting stations and storage for tools and art supplies.

Home gym – there is no reason why your garden office cannot double up as a home gym. An ideal solution for those looking for an accessible home workout option, our team can design a hybrid office that can swiftly transform from an open office into a spacious or compact gym or even a yoga studio. We could even make room for a shower room if required.

*We can also install storage units onto your garden office, for example, if you wanted a garden log cabin to store firewood for winter.

With the UK having to work from home for the foreseeable future, our semi-permanent garden offices provide the perfect, adaptable solution to the global pandemic.

How Much is a Garden Office?

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Each build is priced bespoke based on the requirements of the customer, so there are no fixed prices for any of our garden offices. However, as an approximation, you can expect to pay anywhere from £5,000 to £30,000.

About Our Q-Mark Certification

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All garden offices designed by EHB are Q-mark certified. This means that everything from our timber to our building techniques and processes are analysed and then certified by Exova BM Trada – the strictest and most revered certification panel in the UK.

Our timber is sourced from traditional French green oak (Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea) as they offer beautiful and consistent results. All oak trees used in the construction of our garden offices are farmed ethically and sustainably to ensure we’re giving back to the environment. We plant our own trees and they are farmed in a way that produces longer, straighter oaks, taking up less land resources and allowing us to offer our customers more competitive prices..

Request a Brochure

Although we are currently working from home due to COVID-19, we are still working. To receive your free, downloadable brochure, please provide your contact details on our brochure page. Your hard copy can be sent once we return to our head office.

Choose your Foundation and Contact our Team Today

After you have selected your chosen frame or foundation for your garden office, simply contact our team to receive your free quote. You can do this via calling our team and explaining your requirements, or by clicking on the ‘receive a quote’ button.

For any further information or to talk through your design options, please get in touch with our friendly team today.


How long does delivery take?

Once you have selected the type of build for your office and we have sent you our proposed design, we can then deliver your office. This can take approximately six to eight weeks as we will be building your garden office bespoke.

How long will my garden office take to build?

This depends on the size and scale of your garden office. For smaller projects, designing and building can take anywhere between one and two months.

Can I attach my garden office onto my current property?

Absolutely, we can design garden offices to bolt onto your current property and they will be designed to match your home’s original appearance.

What will affect the cost of my garden office?

Here are a few things to take into consideration when budgeting for your garden office:

  • What the building will be used for (full-time office, part-time office, gym, creative studio, workshop etc)
  • Style of frame and/or cross section
  • The type of timber used for joinery, cladding and rafters
  • The location of your garden office
  • Access and security requirements of the garden office.

However, our team will be on-hand to walk you through these factors and find you the best option based on your budget.

All important questions regarding our oak framed buildings are answered on our FAQ page and enquires regarding building control and planning permission and how we can help can be accessed via our planning permission guide.

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