two bay wooden garage made of oak with a super car

Improve Home Value With High-Quality Wooden Garages

Enhance your property’s appeal and value with our versatile wooden garages, offering timeless design and superior craftsmanship in ready-made or custom options.

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Invest in Your Home’s Long-Term Appeal

A single, well-crafted structural addition to your property cannot only transform its look but its value as well. Our wooden garages are more than just a sheltered space to store your car; they’re an investment in the long-term appeal and value of your home. Build a large or complex design that presents a versatile range of uses or keep it compact and cosy. We tailor our builds to your needs.

Discover how English Heritage Buildings’ wooden garages redefine value by blending timeless design, superior craftsmanship, and an enduring promise of elevated aesthetics. Explore the ready-prepared timber garage options we have for sale or contact us with custom specifications.

Our Superior Craftsmanship

Masterful craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our timber buildings. We take pride in demonstrating the highest standards in every design. Precision-crafted using the finest green oak and Douglas-fir timber, each frame will have been selected from wood graded by our experts when it arrives on our site. 

It will then be crafted to the utmost accuracy using state-of-the-art equipment and hand-finished by members of our team. This rules out human error and ensures a perfect fit for all frames, making all garages highly durable and styled exactly as you want.

We are also committed to responsibly recycling the wood that doesn’t meet our standards for aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. This helps to minimise the amount of waste produced in the process.

oak frame garage

Elevating Curb Appeal and Value

Adding a wooden garage to your property is a worthwhile investment for many reasons:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A well-designed wooden garage adds to the overall visual appeal of a property. It complements the architectural style, creating a harmonious and attractive exterior that immediately catches your attention.
  • Market Appeal: A property with a wooden garage stands out in the market. It demonstrates that the homeowner has invested in upgrading the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Emotional Value: Wooden garages evoke feelings of nostalgia and charming authenticity. The unique character they bring to a property can resonate with buyers, leading them to place a higher value on the home.

Versatility and Future Potential

Wooden garages offer exceptional versatility as adaptable spaces that can evolve with your needs. Beyond vehicle storage, they can transform into workshops, home offices, studios, or even turn into guest accommodations if you go through the necessary planning permission. This adaptability significantly enhances the value of your property by providing functional extensions that cater to diverse lifestyles.

Buyers recognise the potential to repurpose these structures, which adds not only immediate utility but also a promising future. The ability to mould the garage space into various roles that suit your needs ensures your investment in a wooden garage pays off in more ways than one, offering both present convenience and enduring value.

2 bay garage with room above

A Sustainable Investment

Our choice of natural materials for garages not only contributes to a smaller environmental footprint but also distinguishes properties and garners interest from buyers. As the demand for sustainable features grows, homes equipped with environmentally friendly structures tend to attract higher interest. 

By opting for a bespoke wooden garage, you not only secure lasting value through its timeless aesthetics and durability. You’re also aligning yourself with a greener future that enhances your property’s long-term worth.

Our Range of Bespoke Wooden Garages

Architectural planning drawings

Enhance Your Home Value Today

Discover the enduring charm of a wooden garage that adds visual appeal and contributes to the long-term value of your home. Explore English Heritage Buildings’ amalgam of classic design and exceptional craftsmanship while creating the space that suits your various needs. We’ll be ready to begin designing and crafting when you are.

You’ll have your tailor-made garage solution in a fast lead time, with all products delivered anywhere in the UK within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off. Embrace the potential for an enriched aesthetic and enhanced property worth by getting started as soon as possible. Contact us today to begin and take the first step towards an improved property price.