Stunning Wooden Garages in Essex

If you need a new garage made from traditional materials to blend seamlessly with the architecture of your property, and that can be designed and crafted to suit various needs and uses, English Heritage Buildings is here to help. We’ll be glad to provide you with a durable, finely crafted bespoke or ready-made build of our wooden garages in Essex.


Bespoke Oak and Timber Garages in Essex

As part of our award-winning service, you will be provided with the opportunity to decide between ready-made timber and oak frame building designs and bespoke designs for your garage. This means that, whether or not you can see the garage you want on our website, we will still be able to craft it for you.

Whether you only need a single-bay garage for one car or would like a larger, multicomplex design that fits in several bays and has room for a workshop or hobby space, our team can make it for you. We have years of experience in the manufacture of wooden garages, using top-quality oak and timber frames, and have proven ourselves as experts in our trade.

How Much Do Wooden Garages Cost in Essex?

As all of our timber buildings and structures are made to the exact specifications of the purchaser, we cannot provide a set list of prices for wooden garages in Essex. This is because every price tag is as unique as the product itself, and will be calculated based on the individual design and features of the garage you order.

Generally speaking, most of our timber frame buildings will cost somewhere between £5,000 and £30,000, though where your purchase will fall on this scale depends on what you need. We can help you calculate the cost of your wooden garage when you get in touch and start telling us what you need for your design, so please don’t hesitate if you’d like to get started. We can help you to complete a design that suits your budget.

Why Choose Us for Wooden Garages in Essex?

We are passionate about providing our customers with fine oak buildings and timber-framed structures in Essex. Whether you live closer to Colchester than Chelmsford or call Harlow or Halstead your home, we are confident that we can help you design the ideal wooden garage.

Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons why we’re just the timber construction firm you need:

  • We make Q-Mark certified products, meaning our wooden garages are made to industry standard and nothing less
  • Our techniques and processes are overseen by BM TRADA, one of the most respected certification panels in the UK
  • All of our products are made from sustainable materials, and all of the timber supplied to make our frames comes from one specially-designated site in France
  • The trees we use to make our frames are all cultivated to be as tall, straight, and strong as possible, maximising the amount of wood used and minimising waste
  • We have a team of master carpenters and timber graders waiting to inspect the wood when it arrives at our site. They ensure that only the strongest wood is ever used

Our Range of Wooden Garages in Essex

one bay oak frame garage

Request a Brochure

We know that you might want to take some time to explore the information we have here, or to think about the designs we’ve already installed for other homeowners. If you would like to read more on the timber and oak framed garages we have on offer, consider downloading our brochure. To request one, go to our brochure page and leave your details with us. We’ll then send you a downloadable copy as soon as possible.

Find and Buy Your Ideal Garage Design

If you’ve been looking for the perfect wooden garage to match the aesthetics of your property, while offering all the storage, work, or living space that you could need, contact us today.

Our team will be more than happy to help you design a bespoke oak or timber frame garage in Essex. This will be made to the exact specifications you have asked for, crafted from green oak or Douglas-fir timber, and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks of the work being signed off. Our specialist installations will ensure your garage stands exactly as you want it.

We’ll provide you with your quote as soon as we know what you would like, so if you’d like to get started right away simply give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly team members will be ready to discuss what you need and can answer any questions you have about our products or processes before manufacturing work begins.

Why Choose English Heritage Buildings?

We are oak frame specialists, with nearly 40 years of experience producing high-quality oak buildings, and this expertise is demonstrated through both our industry accreditations and our awards.

Q-Mark Certified

English Heritage Buildings holds a BM Trada Q-Mark for our oak framed buildings, the only UK company to do so. This showcases the unbeatable quality of our products.

flitch beams

Business Award Winners

We were proud to recently receive the South East Best Rural Manufacturing Business Award.