two bay wooden garage made of oak with a super car

Streamlining Projects With Easy-Build Wooden Garages

Enhance property value, save on costs, and stand out in the market with our unique and durable designs.

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Luxury Garages for Property Enhancement

When adding quality garage space to a housing project, the need to coordinate various teams can lead to a variety of headaches, and even delays in extreme cases. We offer a simpler alternative with our luxurious garages designed around your needs, manufactured by our specialist team with reliably fast lead times, and dispatched to the site ready to assemble.

We’ll work with you to add true value to your property through a simple, fast process.  Find the design you want to build in our ready-made options or contact us if you’d like to order something bespoke today.

Simplifying Site Coordination

Our team reliably signs off work on bespoke wooden garages within 6 to 8 weeks from the receipt of your order, before swiftly delivering to you, anywhere in the UK.

By simplifying coordination, we alleviate the stress of managing multiple contractors, making your projects more efficient and hassle-free. With this support, you can confidently integrate stunning timber framed garages into your developments without the usual coordination frustrations.

oak frame garage

Speed and Savings

Our wooden garages are designed for swift assembly, utilising traditional jointing techniques and modern mechanical accuracy to ensure all frames slot neatly together for a simple installation. This time-saving measure means you’ll be able to keep to your project schedule without worrying about potential construction delays.

Collaborating closely with us on a bespoke wood garage design also offers you significant cost savings. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the elements and features you want in the finished product, meaning you can tailor it to suit your budget. This may even result in a lower cost than you’d anticipated, allowing you to free up funds for other aspects of the project.

Our Recommended Installer

We understand the importance of seamless site coordination. We’ve established strong partnerships with experienced third-party installers who are well-versed in our designs,ensuring a precise installation perfectly aligned with your schedule.

We’ll help you to organise the services of an experienced installer, ensuring a worry-free development from design to completion.

2 bay garage with room above

The Appeal of Oak and Douglas-Fir

Green oak and Douglas-fir timber are both compelling choices for property development. Firstly, their aesthetic appeal cannot be understated, as the rich, upscale look of wood elevates the finish and overall appeal of any property. 

You’ll also benefit from an unmatched level of customisation. Our timber buildings’ dimensions can be tailored precisely to fit the unique needs and layout of your development properties. This not only enhances their functionality but also adds a distinct touch, making your properties stand out. 

The combination of aesthetic charm and a versatile, tailored design makes our wooden garages a valuable addition to any development project, with the potential to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers or renters.

Strong and Sustainable Materials

When it comes to durability, oak and Douglas-fir stand out as superior building materials. Their strength, weather resistance, and insulation properties surpass alternatives like vinyl or metal, standing the test of time and providing lasting value to your developments.

The timber we use is sourced from carefully managed forests, not only benefitting the environment but also enhancing the reputation of your development projects – a key selling point for modern consumers.

3 bay oak garage
A catslide roof on a 2 bay, oak framed garage

The Unique Selling Point

Our wooden garages help add a unique edge to your property, standing out to potential buyers and renters.. You’ll be investing in a distinctive upgrade option that truly sets your properties apart from the competition.

An attractive garage can boost kerb appeal, home values, and ultimately increase the sale price of a property, providing a tangible financial return.

Our Range of Bespoke Wooden Garages

Architectural planning drawings

Order Your Garage and Get Full Efficiency

Easily take your projects forward with wooden garages and all the assistance you could need from English Heritage Buildings. With our help and one of our wooden garages, you won’t just be streamlining your project; you’ll be enhancing the finished result as a whole. Adding value, appeal, and function to your properties has never been so simple.

Set your property apart in a competitive market with English Heritage Buildings. We’ll coordinate with you to tailor a high quality wooden garage organising design, manufacture, and delivery ready for a simple installation. . Talk to a member of our team about your needs today.