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At English Heritage Buildings, we specialise in building a range of extensions for people looking to add value and space onto their property. From small carport and garage extensions to offices, home extensions and swimming pool complexes, our team has over 30 years’ experience in the oak construction industry and know the ins and outs of how much it costs to build any extension.

We will be looking at the prices of different extensions to help give you an approximation regarding your home extensions. Please remember that the below prices are approximations; all extensions we design and build are bespoke.

Standard small home extensions

Price: £10,000 – £18,000

Most small extensions cost between £10-18k depending on a variety of elements, such as the type of wood used, labour costs, and any special additions (glazing, insulation, underfloor heating etc).

Medium extensions

Price: £18,000 – £25,000

Basic medium extensions can cost anywhere between the above and again, factor in building materials, labour, and special additions. Medium extensions could be used for medium-sized offices, workshops or home gyms.

Large basic extensions

Price £38,000 – £52,000

Large basic extensions, again, use – these extensions are great for large workshops, hot tub/swimming pool areas or even office complexes for up to 15 employees.

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Top-end home extensions

Top end home extensions are usually far more expensive and are built with the finest timber, glazing, decorative elements and come built-in with special additions such as:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Double glazing
  • Bespoke designs
  • Custom insulation

Top-end extensions are something we specialise in at English Heritage Buildings. We can customise your premium extension to fit your every requirement. Whether you’re looking for a stunning second living room or games room, a pool house, a grand art studio, a home gym and yoga room, or even an annex.

How long do home extensions take to complete?

This depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The size of your extension
  • The materials you’re building with (timber is usually faster to build with as opposed to concrete, brick cement etc)
  • Your budget
  • The type of extension (garage, pool house, office, gym etc)
  • And any special additions you want included

Building the extension can take anywhere between two to four months depending on the size and scale of the project. Additions may also be required further down the line which could add time to the project; for example, underfloor heating or electrical appliances. Delays are to be expected so be sure that you are comfortable with the project overrunning by a few weeks or even a month. Changes to weather, hold-ups getting materials and the availability of your chosen contractors can all factor into the completion time.

Securing Planning Permission

planning permission for your garage

Planning permission is also something you will need to take into consideration. However, with English Heritage Buildings, if you’re unsure whether you will be granted planning permission, this is something we can help with. We have a 99% success record of getting planning permission accepted for all extensions we take on.

For more information on this, please visit our planning permission guide.

Why Choose EHB for a Bespoke Home Extension?

Aside from our wealth of industry experience, we will also provide you with the following benefit and services:

Advice and support throughout the construction process
We will match and beat any price
A 10-year building guarantee
Bespoke doesn’t have to mean expensive!
We have been awarded the BM Trada certification
We will deliver your carports anywhere in the UK
Timber grading performed by our certified graders

Receive Your Bespoke Quote for Your Extension Today

Unlike other oak extensions companies, our team individually price your project to ensure you’re getting a fine return on your investment. Simply pick a base design from one of our many foundation options and we can customise the rest to fit your requirements. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration.

Your imagination is the limit at English Heritage Buildings, get in touch with our team today to begin building your dream extension.