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Before you install any type of garage on your property in order to create extra storage space, or even to act as a new home office or games and entertainment room, you will need to think carefully about the budget you have available. It isn’t always immediately apparent that this means more than just the cost of materials or labour. So, how much does it really cost to build a garage in the UK?

We have set out a helpful guide below, complete with tables, in order to better answer this question. Here, you will find all the information you could need on things to consider before you begin building your garage, the types and designs available to you, and other factors that may have an impact on the overall cost of your garage. 

Read on to learn more, or contact us today if you would like to find out more about the products we can offer you for your budget.

So How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage in the UK?

Before you begin making plans to build a garage on your property, you should first be certain of everything you want and will need from the finished design. You should also ensure that you have enough time and money set aside to cover all costs and any delays that may come during the planning and construction process.

How much time and money you’ll need can vary considerably, depending on a range of different factors. These factors include:

  • The size of your structure (for instance, if it is a double garage, rather than a single garage)
  • The materials you want to build the structure from (for example, if you would prefer a green oak garage to one made of brick or cement)
  • Whether you will need planning permission for the structure or not
  • Whether you are planning on having a pitched roof or a flat roof
  • Whether you are intending to hire a contractor or if you wish to install the garage yourself

The Steps Involved in Building a Garage

No matter which of the garage designs, types, or styles you choose for your property, there will always be a certain number of steps involved in ensuring its full completion:

  1. Setting out your budget
  2. Planning the design and style (deciding whether you would like a single or double garage, deciding on the type of roof, making it an extension or a stand-alone structure, etc.)
  3. Getting quotes from tradesmen or an online calculator
  4. Building the garage walls
  5. Constructing and fitting the garage roof
  6. Fitting internal fixtures (i.e. lighting, shelving, etc.)
  7. Fitting security features

Your Garage Project and Planning Permission

Whether or not you need planning permission and Building Regulations approval to build your garage in the UK will also vary, depending on the size of the structure once complete. Most small single and double garages, including extensions, will be considered permitted development by your local authority as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

Stand-alone garage structures must:

  • Not be higher than 4 metres in height overall when constructed with a pitched roof
  • Not be higher than 3 metres in height overall when constructed with any other type of roof (or 2.5 metres if the structure is located less than 2 metres from your property boundary)
  • Not take up more than half the land around your original property (this means the property as it was originally built and does not include previous extensions)
  • Be located more than 2 metres from your property boundary

Garage extensions must:

  • Not be taller than the highest part of your property’s roof
  • Not take up more than half the land around your original property
  • Not be forward of the principal elevation, or side elevation onto a highway
  • Not include any structures such as raised platforms, balconies, or verandas
  • Be made from materials that are the same as or similar to the materials used to build the original property

It must be noted that this information specifically applies to houses. The regulations for flats and maisonettes will differ, as will planning permission fees based on where you live in mainland UK (England, Scotland, or Wales).

There may also be further guidelines and regulations that only apply to your specific area. As such, we would always recommend that you get in touch with your local planning authority to check before you start work on your garage. This has the potential to save you and any contractors you hire both time and money, as any building work that does not have permission will need to be torn down and started over from the beginning.

The Different Types of Garage and Their Average Prices

5 bay garage complex

Depending on the type of garage you intend to install, you may find a significant difference in the price lists involved in planning and construction. The costs involved with building the garage will then usually be based on the size, the design, the materials used in the building process, and the quality of the work carried out by a contractor. 

Because of this, a new garage in the UK may cost anywhere between £4,000 and £50,000. The price of one specific, individual structure will therefore be determined by what the purchaser asks for.

Below, we have set out a price list detailing some of the average costs you can expect to come across when browsing garage designs and checking online calculators in the UK:

Metal Prefabricated Garage Costs

Prefabricated garages (commonly called “prefab garages”), which are factory-made and come as kits for the purchaser to build, are considered the cheapest and easiest method of building a garage for your property. This is because they will have a shorter building time when installed professionally, though it must also be noted that metal prefabricated garages will have a far shorter lifespan than the more durable concrete variety.

A metal prefabricated garage from an unknown brand is only likely to last for a few years, which is why you should be able to buy one for around £250. The price may then increase if you choose a higher quality, more well-known brand, up to an average cost of £2,500. 

If there is a pre-existing concrete slab foundation for your new garage to sit on, a metal prefab may only take two days to install. However, if a foundation has to be laid, this time will increase to around a week.

Single (Low Quality) Prefab

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £250

Labour Costs: £1,500

Single (High Quality) with a Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £1,000

Labour Costs: £1,500

Double (Low Quality) Prefab

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £1,500

Labour Costs: £2,000

Double (High Quality) with a Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £2,500

Labour Costs: £2,000

Concrete Prefabricated Garage Costs

Prices for concrete prefab garages will start at around £1,000 and may increase up to £5,000, though the average cost of a double garage in this material will be around £3,000. When you choose to include labour costs, a concrete prefab garage may cost up to £9,000.

Single (Low Quality) Prefab Garage

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £1,200

Labour Costs: £3,000

Single (High Quality) with a Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £2,300

Labour Costs: £3,000

Double (Low Quality) Prefab

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £3,000

Labour Costs: £4,000

Double (High Quality) with a Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £5,000

Labour Costs: £4,000

Brick Garage Costs

As the most popular type of garage extension in the UK, you should find that a brick garage is both long-lasting and cost-effective in terms of maintenance. However, they will also take longer to build than other garage designs and material types, with the construction taking between a week and a month to complete, depending on the skill level and previous experience of the contractor you’ve chosen.

As an example, a single, low quality brick garage with a flat roof that takes 10 days to build should start at around £4,500.

Single (Low Quality) with a Flat Roof

Build Duration: 10 Days

Material Costs: £1,400

Labour Costs: £3,100

Single (High Quality) with a Pitched Tiled Roof

Build Duration: 14 Days

Material Costs: £1,800

Labour Costs: £3,300

Double (Low Quality) with Flat Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 14 Days

Material Costs: £4,000

Labour Costs: £9,000

Double (High Quality) with Pitched Tiled Roof

Build Duration: Up to 1 Month

Material Costs: £4,500

Labour Costs: £13,500

You should also be aware that while we have gathered a price list made up of averages for building brick garages, prices for individual builds may increase far beyond this. How much it will cost to build your own brick garage will therefore depend more on the specifications of your planned project, especially its dimensions.

Wooden Garage Costs

If you have been looking for an easier build than a brick garage but have also been imagining a more aesthetically pleasing structure than a prefabricated metal or cement garage, then you may wish to consider building your garage with a timber frame. Much like brick garages, you will also find that they are hardwearing and easy to maintain, and are therefore extremely cost-effective for your budget.

Timber or oak garage designs can often be installed on a property within a few days, though this time may increase up to a week if you need to lay a foundation first.

Single (Low Quality) Prefab

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £200

Labour Costs: £1,500

Single (High Quality) with a Corrugated Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £750

Labour Costs: £1,500

Double (Low Quality) Prefab

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £750

Labour Costs: £2,000

Double (High Quality) with Pitched Tiled Roof

Build Duration: 1 Week

Material Costs: £1,500

Labour Costs: £2,000

Garage Door Prices

When deciding on your new garage’s design, you will need to consider whether or not you wish to install a door for extra security and a unique, stylish appearance to the structure. There are many types of door you can choose to have installed, with the most common and least expensive of these being the “up and over” type, which comes in both “canopy” and “retractable” designs.

Both canopy and retractable “up and over” door designs will cost between £150 and £300+VAT. 

Roller Door Varieties

If you have been thinking of installing a more complex design to complete the look and security of your garage space, you may also consider using a “roller” door variety. These open from the bottom and roll up into a position at the top of the door opening, keeping it out of your way whenever you need to enter or exit your garage. 

Standard roller doors will normally begin at £500, but may increase up to £5,000 if you intend to install an electrically-assisted type.

forged iron door hinge in a cross shape

Side Hinged Door Varieties

For an affordable design that offers greater accessibility when the garage space is being used for storage, you may wish to take a look at “side hinged” door varieties. Prices for these will typically start at around £200+VAT.

Side hinged doors open in the middle, meaning that they will never enter your garage space. This offers more room to your vehicle and your belongings when you open and shut the doors.

If you would like to see some examples of side hinged doors, please take a look at our gallery. When we are called to build Douglas-fir timber and oak framed garages for properties across the UK, the doors that we manufacture for the products are side hinged as standard.

Sectional Garage Doors

If your ideal garage design comes with an ultramodern touch, you may wish to opt for an installation of “sectional” doors. These split and fold into horizontal panels when opened.

The average cost of a sectional garage door is between £650 and £1,000.

Garage Roof Prices

A catslide roof on a 2 bay, oak framed garage

You will have multiple material and style options for your garage roof when you start planning your build. The two most common designs that you will find are pitched and flat roofs, with prices varying based on the design and materials you choose.

Pitched Roof Prices

A pitched roof may be angled on one or both sides, and the construction of the roof will normally help to decide which materials should be used to complete the work. Materials that are normally used to finish a pitched roof include:

  • Corrugated sheet material
  • Felt
  • Tiles

The material you choose for your roof may have a substantial impact on the price, and a single pitched garage with a tiled roof will start at around £5,000. Prices may then increase, depending on the size of the build and the quality of the tiles used.

Pitched roof projects may take between 10 days and a month to be complete, with this time based on the skill of the contractor and the complexity of the roof design. If there are any specialist embellishments that have been requested, then it will take longer to finish.

Flat Roof Prices

A flat roof will normally be made from felt and tar, and will be spread over a timber frame to make it solid. It’s possible to purchase all of these elements together in a “flat roofing kit”, for an average price of £250. 

Choosing to buy the materials separately will take the total cost up to around £300.

Deciding on an Extension or a Stand Alone Garage

research garage conversion

Part of planning for your garage will include deciding whether it should be a freestanding structure or an extension of your home, and the costs that each could incur. A garage that is attached to your home may come at a greater cost to your budget, because of the associated labour costs. 

To give an example, a basic stand alone garage with enough space for a single car may cost £4,500 for the costs of materials and labour, while a garage extension of the same size and material base may cost £4,800.

Additional Costs to Your Budget

Even if you are not intending to build the garage yourself, there will always be additional expenses involved with its construction and completion. This is especially true if you are planning on wiring your new garage for lighting and electricity, adding security features, or installing locks on doors and windows.

You will need a qualified electrician to fit the supply, which will usually cost between £125 and £150 a day. They may also be able to install security features, such as lights (for an extra £50), alarms (for around £100), or even CCTV cameras (for an average cost of £150). If you would prefer to hire a security specialist to have these installed, you can expect to pay them a daily rate of between £150 and £200.

Internal Structures

Once the walls and roof of the garage have been fully built and installed, you may start thinking of the internal fittings and structures you’re going to need to make the most out of your new space. This includes fitting cupboards and shelving units.

Prices for internal structures will vary, depending on whether you would prefer to carry out the work yourself or hire a carpenter. Buying a ready-made shelving unit to install yourself may cost anywhere between £15 and £100, with the price determined by the quality, the materials used in the unit, and how many you need to buy. Hiring a carpenter, on the other hand, will usually cost between £100 and £150 a day.

Installing Guttering

Any garage built on your property is likely to need guttering, and this is likely to start at around £150 for a single garage. Costs for water drainage butts will normally begin at £10. These are easily installed by hand, so you may not have to spend extra on the costs of labour when the time comes for these to be fitted.

Building a New Driveway

You may also need to consider whether or not your new garage will require a new driveway. This will also vary in price, based on the materials you intend to use.

If you decide on a concrete driveway, the most cost-effective route will be to lay it at the same time as your garage foundations. The only disadvantage to this is that it can extend the work required on foundations by two or three days, at a cost of around £75 per day.

Hiring a Skip

When carrying out a garage building project, you will always need a skip in order to quickly and safely dispose of unwanted materials. The cost of hiring a skip for a week will normally start at around £150, with collection and waste disposal usually included in the price.

Average Costs When Hiring Specialists

As part of the plan to hire tradesmen to carry out the work for you, you will need to think of all the specific tasks that need to be done and will be carried out most efficiently by a professional. This may mean hiring a range of contractors to ensure the work is finished to its highest standard.

Below, we have set out a list of tradesmen that you may think of hiring to complete your work project, along with an average price list for the cost of their services:

  • Architects or designers: £200 per day
  • Bricklayers: £75 to £100 per day
  • Concrete layers: £75 per day
  • Electricians: £125 per day
  • General builders: £100 to £150 per day
  • Tarmac layers: £125 per day (depending on skill level and qualifications)

Labour Costs and Timescales

It is also important to take into account the potential labour costs accumulated as the work is carried out. The longer a project takes to complete, the higher the cost of labour will be at the end of the work. There are a number of factors which may have an impact on this:

  • The size or complexity of the build
  • The final quality of the garage once complete
  • The materials chosen to build the garage
  • The skill of the tradesmen hired
  • The number of tradesmen hired to complete the project

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage with English Heritage Buildings?

oak framed garage complex

Our selection of ready-made timber or oak frame garages all come with their own prices attached, starting from £4,900+VAT before the cost of delivery, roofing, and groundworks. This will then increase to a price of £5,000 or more if you would like to order a double garage, or even a triple-bay garage, instead of a single garage. 

As the size and complexity of the build increases, the prices will also increase. As such, you can expect most of our products to be priced between £5,000 and £30,000. 

Most of the products we provide for our customers will also be made to the needs and specifications of the purchaser. This means that when you decide to use our service to order the ideal timber or oak framed garage, we will be on hand to act as the calculator for the cost of every feature you need included in your build. From this, you may expect the price we will quote to you to be based on the features you have asked for and nothing else.

To learn more about the cost of building our garages, and what we can provide in terms of bespoke timber and oak garage buildings, please see our page.

Buy Your New Garage for Us to Build

If you need a new Douglas-fir timber or green oak framed garage for your property, for work, storage, or even leisure purposes, English Heritage Buildings will be able to craft the building that meets your specifications and your budget. 

Everything you want to include in your design will become a priority in our manufacturing and construction process, and our skilled team will work hard to ensure you receive the ideal addition to your property as soon as possible.

Your product will be delivered and installed as soon as the work has been signed off and approved, so you won’t have to wait long before you can enjoy and make the most of the finished results. Contact us today and we’ll get started as soon as possible.