construction scotland newsThe Scottish Government and Construction Scotland have formed a new strategic leadership forum to help the construction industry achieve its infrastructure and built environment goals.

The purpose of the strategic leadership forum is the development of a shared action plan between government and the construction industry.

This will enable the Scottish Government to deliver its economic infrastructure and built environment aims, while also supporting the construction industry to achieve the goals set out in the Construction Scotland Industry Strategy for 2019-2022.

Ken Gillespie, chair of Construction Scotland commented: “Construction contributes over £21bn annually to Scotland. It also an important driver of the wider economy due to the impact construction investment has on other sectors.

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Could Transparent Wood Become The Way We Build And Heat Our Homes?

eco friendly windowsThough researchers at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have developed a way to chemically treat wood so that it not only becomes opaque—even completely transparent at times—but also stores and releases heat during the course of a day.

The science behind it does not involve Frankenstein-esque maneuvers in a laboratory. Instead the researchers removed the lignin from wood samples, which left plenty of open, porous space inside the still structurally sound pieces of wood (for their research they used silver birch wood). They then filled the empty space with a polymer that matches the wood refractive index so that light would permeate through the sample.

Forbes reports more on how wood could be the way we start heating our homes.

What Can New Entrants into Construction Offer Us?

James Bessey predicts what major changes to our rules and regulations new entrants to construction may expect to see.

This issue of Building looks at new entrants to the construction marketplace. Of course one issue is what challenges they face, and part of assessing that is recognising where the industry is and how it is changing. But another aspect is what new entrants themselves may offer to the industry in terms of ideas, approaches and new ways of looking at things.

construction business development

Undoubtedly this is an industry facing major structural changes. Three issues alone justify that assessment: the Hackitt fire safety review and associated regulatory change; Brexit and the resource challenges it brings; and solvency and funding in the light of Carillion’s collapse and similar events.

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Construction Output Set to Fall After Another Brexit Downgrade

The Construction Products Association (CPA) forecast for UK construction has been downgraded due to prolonged Brexit uncertainty.

brexit affecting construction market

According to the forecast report carried out by the group that represents the UK’s manufacturers and distributors of construction products and materials, the overall construction industry output is anticipated to fall by 0.4 per cent in 2019.

Earlier this year it had forecast growth of 0.3 per cent in 2019.

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