PortConstruction of the new 74-metre long wharf at the Rothera Research Station in the Antarctic has begun. Read more on New Civil Engineer for more information.

Construction slowdown drags down German industrial production

The gloom surrounding the eurozone’s largest economy failed to let up on Thursday as data showed German industrial production continued to decline at the end of 2018, led by a fall in construction.

Overall production in German industry fell 0.4 per cent in December, dashing the optimism of analysts in a Reuters poll who had expected a 0.7 per cent rise.

The drop-off was driven by a decline in construction industry production, which fell 4.1 per cent. Excluding energy and construction industries, production was up 0.2 per cent, with capital and intermediate goods both increasing.

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Regional construction activity booming despite Brexit gloom, says Deloitte

iron rodsAccounting firm Deloitte’s regional crane survey covering Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Belfast showed growing activity across sectors including projects building office space, hotels, retail sites, education facilities and student housing.
Manchester led the way with 78 sites under construction – more than Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle, according to Deloitte’s equivalent research in the US.

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The Redheugh Bridge under construction in the early 1980s in unseen photographs

Our photos show the Redheugh Bridge under construction in the early 1980s.

Officially opened by Princess Diana in 1983, it would become the sixth bridge across the Tyne on this stretch of the river.

But before the royal formalities and the opening to traffic, there was the challenging engineering task of erecting the structure.

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