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What are the Benefits of Oak Framed Garages?

Oak is a material commonly renowned for its strength, durability and resistance to the elements. It is one of the only materials used in construction that requires barely any maintenance.

If you’re considering investing in an oak framed garage, our team have provided a few major benefits that come with installing oak garages.

Oak Framed Garages

Our Oak Garages are Eco-friendly

One of the main reasons people are now opting for oak garages is because of their eco properties. The use of timber in construction naturally helps us reduce our carbon footprint (especially if the wood used is sourced ethically and sustainably). Timber is also known to absorb large amounts of CO2 emissions, a direct contrast to metals such as iron, steel and metal castings, that have the worst impact on CO2 emissions. Additionally, for every tree our team cuts down, we plant three more in its place.

The timber we use is designed to be long-lasting, meaning each of our timber frames helps reduce the amount of CO2 entering our atmosphere. The lifespan of your oak garage is able to last a lifetime if the rest of your property is maintained and well looked after.

Oak Framed Garages are Durable

The oak we use at English Heritage Buildings (EHB) is strong, hard and exceptionally resistant to moisture. Our oak garages are only crafted from high-grade, durable materials. This ensures that the oak frames’ strength and integrity is not compromised and that they maintain their aesthetic appeal. Unlike several metal garage options (which have limited design options and are prone to discolouration and rusting), our oak garages come in a variety of wooden designs and they’re easier to construct, minimising labour time on site.

Additionally, we remain the only oak-framed manufacturer in the UK to be awarded the Exova BM Trada Q-Mark. This award is accredited by UKAS who are one of the leading certification divisions in the construction industry. Achieving the Q-Mark production certification is something we’re incredibly proud of and has put us ahead of our competitors in the oak garage market.

Installation is Often Faster and Simpler

Oak garages also have the added benefit of being easy to construct. Unlike other garage materials (predominantly steel), oak garages take a matter of days to be constructed, in contrast to brick or metal garages that can often take several weeks. Oak framed garages also have a fairly dry construction process as opposed to garages made from bricks and mortar. Bricks and mortar naturally have a slower drying time because of the materials used, whereas electrical and plastering tasks can begin on oak materials as soon as the frame is watertight. So, if you’re on a tight time frame, oak garages provide a swift installation option.

Oak Garages Offer Better Heat Insulation

All wooden materials are known to harbour positive insulation properties due to the air pockets within their cellular structures. This means that they’re generally better at retaining heat than other materials such as steel, aluminium and masonry materials. As a result, garages made from our oak timber require less energy to heat and cool, meaning you’ll end up paying less on your energy bills.

Researchers from Lincoln University also discovered that solid wood has over 2.5x the thermal mass of concrete.

Improved Aesthetics

Unlike metal garages doors that rarely offer much design choice, our oak garage doors come in a variety of designs and are completely custom-built to fit your dimensions. Oak and timber in general are thought to offer a far more historic and ‘natural’ appearance, which can be worked into any commercial or residential property design. English Heritage Buildings offers a range of oak garage designs and can be built to match your property’s unique design.

Oak is Easy to Maintain

Oak is widely understood to be a material that is maintenance free. This is because, as time goes on, the natural tannins and properties within the timber react and adapt to their environment. This usually comes with a slight colour change, but this is not a sign of the timber losing its durability. However, if you’d rather your oak framed garage retains its original colour, then there are a few ways to treat it:

Sealing and treating – oak generally requires very little maintenance, but its colour will be affected by the changing of the seasons. Your oak garage’s original colour can be maintained if it’s sealed before the final installation process. However, if you opt for this route, then constant sealing and treatment will be required as the weather will strip the colour each year. We would advise to consult a professional decorator on these elements as they will know which are the best long-lasting products to apply.

Splits and Fissures – these are to be expected, as oak dries through the seasons, causing it to shrink.This process is a result of the properties within the wood thinning and pulling away from each other, resulting in hairline cracks that expand over time. This is completely natural and ultimately unavoidable. It does not impact the strength or durability of the wood. Many people actually enjoy the splitting and cracking of the wood, as it gives a more natural look to their oak garage.

Oak Garages Can Last a Lifetime

Arguably the most impressive benefit of oak framed garages is that they can last a lifetime. With minimal maintenance required and a design that improves with age, oak garages are built to last and retain their aesthetic qualities throughout all seasons.

Oak Framed Garages from EHB

Here at English Heritage Buildings (EHB), we have over 35 years’ experience in the Green Oak building industry and specialise in providing bespoke oak garages made to fit your property. If you’d like to know more about our design process, our prices or how with ethically source our timber, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

What makes Oak Garages from EHBP Unique?
We design and manufacture each and every product specific to your needs and requirements

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, our manufacturers are born and raised on all things Oak and Timber

We offer payment plans that make life easier to manage

Ensure you’re cleared to go

Before you go ahead and buy anything, make sure you have everything you need!! Planning permission, legal requirements and all other potential issues must be addressed before attempting to start anything. But how do you get started?

Well, EHBP have got you covered.

Our planning consultants ensure your dreams are not put on hold. Using their expertise and industry know-how they have achieved a 95% success rate for first time applications, including Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas; and that statistic applies to your applications too.

We take great satisfaction in working with our customers and ensure they encounter no stress or problems.


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