Here are our top five tips to help you successfully achieve planning permission for an oak frame building:

1. Obtain initial comments and recommendations from a professional Planning Consultant before submitting an application for planning permission. This will help you better understand the feasibility of the project and what may or may not be possible. A professional will ensure the proposal is appropriate for your plot, design plans and stipulations of the local authority. This is a free service offered by English Heritage Buildings.

2. Consider the size and scale of the build and your design priorities – aim to make the fundamental decisions about how you will achieve these early on. Planning Permission may not be granted for all the aspects of your initial ideas. Therefore, be prepared to compromise in order to move forward with your project.

3. Appoint a professional Planning Adviser to make the application on your behalf. Every planning application is unique and a professional’s expertise in planning policies, their understanding of Local Authorities and knowledge of ways to overcome any obstacles could prove invaluable in achieving a successful application.

4. Consulting the Local Authority in the first instance, by way of a pre-application, may help to smooth the path for a successful application. This could be particularly useful for proposals including a new dwelling or sensitive applications such as Listed Buildings (or those in the curtilage of) and Conservation Areas.

5. If your application isn’t successful remember you have the right to appeal. In addition, you can submit a revised proposal, incorporating the concerns raised during the course of the original planning application. This can be done within 12 months of receiving the decision without incurring further costs to the Local Authority, so long as the principle of the proposal does not change.

For more information, check out our planning service section or contact one of our Account Managers on 01424 838643 to discuss your requirements.