Oak Framed Building Components

Below you can find a guide to all the parts that make up our Oak Framed buildings. Click each number for more information.

Oak Frame Components

1. Aisle

Enclosed lean-to area to the side or rear of a building being beyond the main posts but still part of the inside structure. It is created with a catslide roof continuing from the main roof.

2. Glazed Gable

Triangular glazed unit in the gable that allows extra light into a building.

3. Glazed Unit

Joinery Unit that is full height and can be fixed or have opening doors in it.

4. Bi-Folding Doors

Joinery unit where the doors slide back onto each other leaving a large clear opening.

5. Finish Floor Level

(FFL) Level of floor once all insulation and screed has been installed.

6. Plinth

Brick or stonework wall built above FFL to support oak frame.

7. Partition

A wall that can divide up a building either front to rear or side to side.

8. Roof Connection

A way of joining a building to the roof slope of another building.

9. Hip Roof End

Sloping roof above the end wall of a building.

10. Clock Tower

Comes as standard with one clockface. Also available as a dovecote or louvered turret.

11. Garage Doors

Used to secure the front of the garage.

12. Double Barn Entrance

An extension to a single bay to give an extra bit of space.

13. Gable Roof End

A vertical triangular wall at the end of a roof.

14. Outshot

Also known as a logstore, is an open lean-to area at the side or rear of a building which is beyond the main posts and partitioned off from the interior. It is created with a catslide roof continuing from the main roof.

15. External Oak Staircase

Staircase and landing used to access the first floor space.

16. Casement Window

Timber windows that have one or more opening sections.

17. Dormer

Projecting timber structure surrounding casement or mullion window with own pitched roof.

18. Rooflight

Metal framed glazed opening unit in slope of roof.

19. Barn Hip Roof End

Also called half hip, the lower part of the roof is gabled and the upper part is sloped as in a hip.

20. Catslide Roof

A roof slope over the aisle or outshot at a different pitch to the roof above.

21. Single Door

Pedestrian or Personnel door

22. Mullion Window

Fixed light window comprising of several diagonal vertical members tenoned top and bottom between window frame.

23. Weatherboard

Horizontal overlapping boards, tapered in profile (featheredge), fixed to studs and posts.

24. Bargeboards

Decorative boards fixed to the sloping edges of a gable end roof.

25. Single Barn Entrance

Smaller version of the double barn entrance used to give access to an elevation that has an aisle or outshot.

26. Weatherboard Stop End

Timber pieces that finish the weatherboarding at ends and corners.

27. Staddlestone

Reconstituted stone plinths at the base of independent posts.
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